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- When choosing mineral water, look not at the price, but at the label. The bottle must be labeled "Dining", "Medical-dining" or "Medical". There should also be the number of the well and GOST, according to which it is extracted from this well.


- Carefully read the mineral composition on the label. If it is specified in the intervals, it is likely that water was actually extracted from the bowels of the earth. If the constituent parts are specified up to tenths, such water is most likely artificially enriched in the enterprise.


- When buying a draft kvass, look for a certificate on the display with the expiration date.


- When buying a fruit drink carefully read the label. It is better to choose the drink, which does not include flavors, but only juice and mashed berries. Moreover, it is better that the label indicates by name all the berries - for example, “lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries”, and not just “berry puree”.

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