15 ways to stylishly place kitchen utensils right on the wall

Whatever size the kitchen is, always want it to be bigger. And in modern small-sized apartments and in fact in the kitchen it is difficult to stay with all the necessary equipment. And it is necessary also somehow to move, it is necessary a working space that work of the house mistress was productive.

Therefore, the ability to use every centimeter of space is extremely important today. Here are examples of creative approach to the use of the kitchen area, in this case, the wall.

As a rule, the walls in the kitchen are tiled or simply painted. In this case, often shelves are attached to the wall, up to the ceiling, on which the utensils are installed: the one that is rarely used, is higher, and the more often it is needed, the lower it is installed or suspended. To the shelves, from below, you can attach barbells, which are convenient to suspend items.

It is possible to reinforce a wooden panel or a wire mesh on the wall, on which in convenient places to equip handles or hooks for hanging objects. It is convenient to hang light metal or plastic shelves anywhere on the wire base.

The brutal similarity of a rake twisted from a thick wire on which the modern set of kitchen objects with convenience took place is smartly looked.

And here the backdrop was used wittily over the stove for safe storage of thick and heavy glass lids for pans. It is generally difficult for them to find a safe place, and here is such a find.

If the wall works in such a way that it is often approached close enough, then you will not place shelves that stick out far. But to such a wall is a good approach, and along it you can place rather flat objects adjacent to the wall: frying pans, cutting boards and so on.

In such places can be placed and narrow shelves for spices and seasonings, they will not take up much space.

If the free wall is located above a table or in a dead-end place, then you can allow yourself to more widely dispose of the space.Or take shelves for culinary literature, or hang out saucepans, or place pendants for small items such as spoons and forks, and other small kitchen items.

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