17 tricks of styling that every girl needs to know!

Doing hair every day is quite difficult, especially if you lack the skills and technique of styling.

Most often, girls just wash their hair and dry their hair dryer. Sometimes, it happens that they are straightened with an iron for hair, and if they are adventurous, they wind it up.)

Banal hairstyles will sink into oblivion with unexpected life hacking for hair from our site. Always look 100% possible!

Home hair styling

  1. How the curl will look depends on how you wind the curl on the curling.


2. And here is how to make a regular flattened tail from a volumetric one.

3. Another way to make an elegant raised ponytail.


4. Spray the hairspray on the toothbrush to gently smooth the naughty rows.


5. An easy way to make the hair more spacious.


6. Very original!


7. Here's how to curl the curls without the hassle: Apply styling foam to your hair, curl them around your head and sit down for breakfast.In 10 minutes the hairstyle is ready!


8. This is the position of the invisible being that will prevent it from slipping off the hair.


9. The foil will help to make curls even on non-foldable hair.


10. With such studs the knot will hold on much longer.


11. And so you can give your hair a slight wave.


12. Apply your favorite perfume to the comb and walk it through the hair. The fragrance will last all day!


13. Having twisted strands on the curling iron, starting from the middle, you will get a careless, but cute hairstyle.


14. Here's how to make a short haircut new.


15. To reanimate the stretched spiral gum, place it briefly in a container with hot water.


16. Clean brushes and combs are a guarantee that the hair will last longer.



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