17 useful life hacking for home

It seems to be a trifle, but how much these tricks make life easier.

So, we take and do:

Door handles as unusual hooks for towels


Roll holder for storing bracelets


Old drawer cabinet as a shelf for decorations


The wall of the laundry basket serves as a stencil for painting walls


An ingenious way to store an ironing board


Napkin Storage Bag


Wool from the carpet can be assembled with a scraper for windows


Instead of an adhesive tape at repair use food stretch-film


Spare key to give
Remove the keys in a jar from under the medicine, glue the cone on top and dig into the flowerbed near the gate.

Rubber on the latch

11.jpgIf you need to wear a lot of things (when moving, for example), secure the door tongue with a rubber band so as not to open it by the handle each time. Supporting the door is also a good idea, but sometimes you can just stumble over the support.

Non-slip mat

12.jpgApply strips of acrylic or latex sealer on the inside and let dry.

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