19 old pedagogical councils that are relevant to this day

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was said that children are adults in small bodies. However, it can hardly be said that all their needs were fully taken into account. One of the outstanding representatives of pedagogical thought of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was Maria Montessori, who proposed a new concept of education based on the independence of the child and the natural environment of his development. Montessori teaching methods included children in the process of learning, and did not give knowledge in finished form.

Maria Montessori has developed 19 commandments for parents. As you can see, most of them are relevant to this day.

1.) Children learn what surrounds them.

2.) If a child is often criticized, he learns to judge others.

3.) If a child is often praised, he learns to evaluate others.

4.) If the child is abused, he will fight.

5.) If they are even in relation to children, they will understand the meaning of justice.

6.) If a child is often teased and ridiculed by his faults, he becomes shy.

7.) If a child feels safe, he learns to trust people.

8.) If the child is too often ashamed of his actions, he may more often than need to feel guilty.

9.) If the child often receives rewards, he will have high self-esteem.

10.) If the child is indulgent, he learns to be tolerant.

11.) If the child is supported, he will be confident in his abilities.

12.) If the child lives in a friendly atmosphere and feels necessary, he will learn to find love.

13.) Never, under any circumstances, do not speak ill of children in their presence.

14.) Focus on raising a good child, and then there will be no room for bad.

15.) Always listen to the child and answer his questions.

16.) Respect the child if he has made a mistake. Then it will be easier for him to fix it.

17.) Always be ready to help when the child needs it. And you can stay away when he can manage himself.

18.) Help a child to know the world early. To do this, he needs to ensure security, peace and love.

19.) Demonstrate with the child the best manners. Show him how educated he can be.

Today, in most countries of the world, the right of a child to a safe space for natural development is recognized. In this case, the most important role is recognized for his parents.

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