30 Cats Unmatched Houses You Can Make By Yourself

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The world has gone mad with love for cats. They are loyal and cute creatures, in spite of rare cases when you find a pool in your shoes or wake up in the morning from a heavy poop of a kitty on your head. If you love your woolen monster, then you simply have to provide it with a cozy home.

We have collected for you30 examples of housesthat you can do on your own and make your pet happy. Consider the options for creating houses made of cardboard, fabric and wood. At the end of the article you will find a bonus, and also tell you how to hide cat trays ...

Your cat has already grown up and its dense body requires a bigger dwelling? Please pet new house!

Houses of cardboard

Cardboard is a material that is in every home and is easy to work with. Therefore, cardboard houses are easy to make and easy to say goodbye to them if your pet does not appreciate it.


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