5 furniture fabrics that do not need complicated care

Needless to say, often the life of upholstered furniture is equal to the life of drapery fabric. Chair-bed with damaged upholstery want to be replaced, even if otherwise it is quite normal. The most reliable sofa with accordion mechanism should also be draped with durable fabric due to the transformation features (three-tier berth).

The maximum care of the material can maximize the life of the fabric. Although it is the furniture fabrics that are distinguished by their high strength, resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, they need constant care and special ways to remove dirt and stains. On the other hand, it is desirable that care requires minimal time, effort and special resources.

Therefore, the fabrics that are easiest to care for and enjoy well-deserved popularity with consumers:

• Shenil - durable elastic fabric that does not require serious daily care.The main problem for a sofa draped with chenille is dust accumulation on its texture surface, which can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

• Velor - a fabric with a pronounced pile. The material is almost not drawn out over time, care is to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Due to the nature of the material, wet stains are difficult to remove.

• Flock - a material with a fleecy surface, dense, not susceptible to stretching. Under normal conditions does not need complex care. Anti-vandal fabric with the effect of "anti-claw" - there are no clutches from pets' claws on it.

• Eco-leather - the basic rule of daily use and work with pollution - to protect the surface from scratches as much as possible - the fabric will be damaged. Do not use brushes, abrasive particles.

• Jacquard - an artificial counterpart of natural silk. Unpretentious material in leaving, differs in long service life. The main principle of care is to perform mostly dry cleaning, protection from moisture.

In addition, all these materials are very durable, almost not stretched (it is important for models designed for daily transformation - accordion sofas, as well as roll-out chair-beds).Attracts and varied color palette named fabrics.

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