6 wardrobe items that will make you look younger

Stylists say: “It’s easy to look younger with clothes, it is enough to dilute fashionable clothes in the wardrobe with the correct classical ones”. About them today and talk.

1. Botilions


“Any stylish shoe boots will always make you younger,” says famous American stylist Sher Coulter. Still, he recommends paying attention to those that are just above the ankle and must have some interesting detail - lacing, zipper, buckle, platform. The universal color of ankle boots is black, but you can also choose colored ones.

2. Proper black sweater

2“If you like voluminous clothes, among all voluminous things, give preference to a sweater.” Wear it with tight jeans and leather trousers. You immediately get a simple, stylish and rejuvenating outfit.

3. Stretch pants


Black tight pants - not necessarily in the dressing, but underlining the silhouette - fit into the "young" wardrobe.Choose a trendy ankle-length or a longer classic.

4. T-shirts without pictures


Such a thing as a simple T-shirt is often underestimated. Inscriptions and prints on them may not be necessary. So, white T-shirts are ideally combined with jeans or with a pencil skirt, and not only with them. Cher Coulter also suggests stocking up with T-shirts in soft gray and black. Of all the variety in the stores is to choose a fitted model.

5. Not too bright decorations


There may be several chains around the neck, but they should be thin and elegant. The same goes for rings. “This is what rejuvenates and doesn't look like you tried too hard to dress up.” If you really want to, take a note of the trick of young people - try on one massive necklace over a neutral blouse or T-shirt.

6. Universal jacket


“The jacket is perfect for both pants and dresses,” says Hollywood stylist Kate Young. "Give preference to a matte black (or dark blue) color, single-breasted model, fitted and with an underlined shoulder line."

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