70 Simple ways of joining wooden parts

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Beginners and advanced home craftsmen will find it useful to learn about the different methods of joining wooden parts. We devote a brief educational program to this topic, which will describe the main types of joinery joints that can be made using hand tools or machine tools.

If you want to learn more about the connections that you can use to achieve your goals, then this article is for you. The article will also introduce you to alternative ways of bonding and various materials.

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For each type, you will have a choice of 10 different connection methods, you can choose which connection will best suit your needs, considering what tools and materials you have. The following compounds can be used not only in the manufacture of furniture.

Each illustration includes several parameters:

  • The color code in the lower right corner indicates how this connection can be made - using a hand tool or machine, and also - difficulty in manufacturing.
  • The color code in the lower left corner indicates which material the compound was made from.
  • The numbers in the summer in the lower corner indicate the reliability of the connection.

All parameters are described in detail in the diagram below.

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