78-year-old Al Pacino meets actress half his age

Sofia Garbovskaya September 25, 2018

Three years ago, rumors appeared in the Western media that Al Pacino was going to make an offer to his beloved Lucile Saul, with whom he had been together for five years at that time. The “Godfather” star was delighted with Lyuchily, who managed to outshine all other women - and there were plenty of them in the life of the actor, believe me! But, apparently, something went wrong: the last time, Pacino and Luychila were seen together in April of this year, and now the paparazzi have been spotted by an actor in the company of 39-year-old Israeli actress and singer Meital Dohan.

“They have been dating for several months now,” a source told Page Six. - Both are very happy with it. It all started out quite quietly and modestly, kept in great secrecy, but now Pacino and Meital ceased to hide relations. ”

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Publication by Meital Dohan (@meitaldohan)17 May 2018 at 7:11 pdt

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Publication from GARAGE NEWS (@garagenews)24 Sep 2018 at 4:04 PDT

The most touching thing in all of this is the fact that even despite the separation from Luchil, Al Pacino continues to take care of her daughter Camille Morrone in a fatherly way. "Just try to break this girl's heart," said Pacino Leonardo DiCaprio, when he learned that he was dating his beloved stepdaughter. "Otherwise, I will come for you."

This "godfather", what can I say.

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