8 fashionable ways to decorate the house with flowers

When the words “flowers” ​​and “interior” are found in one sentence, the image of a bouquet in a vase comes up first. But try to go beyond the usual, looking at the flowers from a new angle. They can decorate your house longer than the average bouquet. It will take some preparation and rework.

Module from natural materials

Many plants retain bright colors and aroma when dried. In the summer, collect the branches of lavender, yarrow and thyme. Dry them in the open air without direct sunlight. It is better to suspend the branches, so that when the plant dries, they retain the natural shape. Attach a small branch to the wall in the room, and hang dry flowers on it.

A small pond with plants

Indoor plants are not original. But not when it comes to underwater plants. Place them in deep vases with transparent walls. Great alternative to the aquarium.

Nature in section

Install original designs on the wall that resemble ant farms. Just watch them need for the life of small plants.It is best to choose unpretentious succulents for such a composition.

Pictures of leaves

Do not get too upset if the indoor plants were damaged. Drain the fallen or torn leaves between the pages of books or under pressure, and create such compositions based on them.

Transparent paintings can be placed on the wall or window frames. In the latter case, a tropical forest atmosphere will appear in the room.

Fill the plants with epoxy resin.

With this material you can save the beauty of any plant for many years. You can create trays or panels with petals or leaves.

Build a flower garland

In the east, this way of arranging flowers is almost as popular as a bouquet. You can use any buds and petals, complementing them with leaves, branches and dry berries. Hang the decoration where it will be difficult to get it and break it.

Make the plant part of porcelain sculpture.

Combine the flower and the capacity in which it grows into a single composition. For example, here cacti act as a hairstyle of dolls from cups. You can apply the drawing on any pot using a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

Emphasize connection with nature.

A table of raw cut will bring to the city apartment the atmosphere of the forest. In the summer, it will be complemented by a bouquet of branches, and in winter - a small ficus. It seems that a tree has grown in the middle of the room.

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