8 questions about women, the answers to which men are looking for in the network

“Female soul is darkness” - many representatives of the stronger sex would agree with this thesis. Some men do not hesitate to ask women directly to questions that interest them, while others ask the answer to the all-knowing Internet. At the request of Wday.ru, experts from one of the most popular search engines collected interesting requests that Russian men asked him for the first half of 2017, starting with the words “why a woman”, and even tried to answer them.

“Why does a woman ask how are things going and does not wait for an answer?”

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Apparently, many Russian women use the phrase “how are you” for a polite start to a conversation. It continues to appear to women that simply making a call and getting to the point right away (“Hello, Anton! Can you take my car in for repair?”) - this is a bad form. Maybe if men do not appreciate it, and the truth is to omit unnecessary calls from afar?

“Why do women go to the toilet in pairs?”

Answering this question, it is worth starting with the fact that women are more social beings than men. We, as a rule, need a bit more communication than the representatives of the stronger sex. At the same time, we are less prone to disgust in relation to natural needs, because we often have to deal with babies. Therefore, we can not interrupt the dialogue even in the toilet - this is such a female superpower. In addition, many of these habits appeared in school, and at recess so much I want to have time to discuss!

“Why does a woman blame a man for everything?”

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In psychology, this is called causal attribution - attributing its failures to external circumstances, to other people, but not only to itself. In fact, not only women are prone to such behavior. However, it must be admitted that in a patriarchal society in which we have to live, the idea of ​​a woman as being helpless and driven is common. It has a downside: a woman who shares such an opinion ascribes all of her troubles to her partner. Therefore, dear men, if you want to be known as the “stone wall”, then accept it.Well, or immediately look for a woman who can answer for their troubles on their own.

“Why are women weaker in chess?”

Indeed, very few women appear in FIDE ratings to this day. In fact, girls are, in principle, much less likely to be sent to chess clubs, therefore there are significantly fewer among tournament winners. Moreover, public opinion also puts pressure on novice chess players: from the very beginning, the girls are told that they will not achieve much success in this matter. For example, Paul Keres said that women play worse than men, because they cannot be made to remain silent for five hours. Fisher liked to say that chess is not a woman’s business (although he was married to the President of the Japanese Chess Federation and the country's numerous chess champion Mieko Watai). But Judit Polgar, the only woman in the first hundred of the FIDE rating, was coached by her father, who was confident that women were capable of playing chess on a par with men. Serious studies that demonstrate that men have more abilities to play chess than women do not exist today. Draw your own conclusions.

“Why are women always unhappy?”

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Well, first, reread the point about causal attribution. Secondly, it seems to many of us that if we relax and settle for little, things will go wrong dramatically. Third, many of us are perfectionists, which means that such a notion as “satisfied” is not included in our dictionary at all, because there is no limit to perfection. For the same reason, we are constantly losing weight, painting ourselves and getting the third diploma of higher education.

“20 reasons why women live longer than men, pictures”

The fact that women live longer than men is a medical fact. On average in the world, life expectancy for women is 5% higher than for men. We monitor our health more - we go to doctors more often, smoke less often and drink. This is partly due to the fact that we have to look after ourselves in the name of the health of future children. Well, even women on average are less prone to dangerous adventures. By the way, we looked at the pictures that are on such a request - these are photos of men sitting on a gun and washing the windows from the outside without insurance. Yes, we would not have thought of this.

“Why do women after 45 years old prefer drafts?”

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Oh dear. You better not know it.But let's reveal a terrible secret - because in women after 45 menopause occurs and they are often thrown into a fever. Sometimes even at such moments we can go to the refrigerator and just stand there with the door open. And no, not because we are so indecisive and do not know what to eat.

“Why are there more women in hell than men?”

I wonder where the author of the search query such statistics? We have not found any supporting facts! So we suggest to equate this question to the question “Did you stop drinking brandy in the morning?” And leave it unanswered.

Expert opinion

Extra-class psychologist, coach, leading Moscow sex trainer Ekaterina Fedorova:

- It has long been the opinion that men do not understand women. The study of the question “What does a woman want from a man?” Formed the basis of my book. The fact is that in reality men do not understand women, and women do not understand men. The problem is a fairly low level of emotional intelligence. It is known that each new generation, as a rule, has a lower emotional intelligence. What is the reason? Perhaps with the use of devices and unlimited access to information.People read a huge number of articles on psychology, but, unfortunately, this does not help to know the essence of man. We are structured in such a way that our conscious actions account for only 3-5% of actions. The rest is the will of the instincts, the will of the senses. Men often lack the skill to control their emotions. They can also go into hysterics, be offended, hang up, end a relationship out of the blue, without even trying to figure out the reasons if something went wrong by the script. They do not learn to build healthy, harmonious relationships. This skill can be mastered only if you plunge into relationships and begin to observe your emotions, study them, try to control them, try to catch the mood of other people. Such a need to learn. However, modern society is not ready for this.

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