80 years wedding anniversary

Oak Wedding (80 years) is an anniversary worthy of praise. There are not many people who can boast of such a period of preservation of family ties. If your marriage is 80 years old, Oak Wedding is worth it for you to celebrate.

The love of such people is like a tree, which over the years grows and becomes only stronger and greener. And no one can ever tear this tree from the heart of the spouses.

The name of the jubilee was not accidental. The union of the two spouses resembles oak wood, which is distinguished by its strength and reliability. Even in water, it only gets stronger, while other tree species are not tested by water. The water symbolizes all the difficulties through which the heroes of the feast were able to pass adequately. That is why the anniversary was given the name "oak wedding".

Spouses celebrating their 80th birthday are really lucky, because long-lived couples are very rare. How such people managed to save their lives and the life of their half remains a mystery. It only remains to assume that the key to such family success lies in mutual love, respect for each other and care.

Of course, there are several traditions.On the 80 - Oak wedding, jubilees are presented with various products from oak, as a symbol of loyalty and strength of their spirit. It is customary to bring into the apartment a new, so popular today oak furniture, which will (at least symbolically) prolong health and life. You can also donate household items, figurines made of oak, which will remind the jubilee of the people who presented them these gifts.

The original surprise will be the landing of the oak alley by children and relatives, along which the descendants will later walk, inspiring pleasant memories.

Present at this jubilee and the mystical side, which is in the prophetic dreams of jubilees, as well as their relatives. Oak grove, seen in a dream, says that luck will not bypass. Oak, covered with acorns, means the improvement of the material situation, or advancement through the career ladder. If someone dreams of a broken oak, then in life there will be pleasant changes that you absolutely do not expect. If an oak tree dreams of a young couple, then this means that the legalization of relations is not far off.

The couple managed to live 80 years in joy and sorrow, overcoming all the difficulties and hardships that they usually encounter in family life, so it is worth noting this anniversary with family and friends.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 80 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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