9 new Russian films and TV shows that should not be missed

Summer for the actors is a hot time, because most of the projects are being shot exactly in the hottest months.

"Antenna" found out at what sites the work was in full swing.


Photo: Central Partnership

Adventure action comedy.

Producer- Roman Jumpers.

Starring: Vladimir Mashkov, Gela Meskhi, Maria Mironova.

Location filming: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cote d'Azur, France.

Where to see: in cinemas in the spring of 2019.

About what?

Vladimir Mashkov plays a successful, but unpleasant banker Matvey. Concerned about sharing property with children, he rewrites his fortune to a business partner. But something happened that Matthew did not expect: a friend dies suddenly, and the only chance to save money is to get first to the bank in Monte Carlo. And adult children help him in this, suddenly remembering about his father and the naive hacker Kohl, George the bulldozer, psychologist Edward, Oleg obsessed with weapons, Oleg and their resourceful sister Lyuda, who did not equally achieve anything in life.

To the answer!

- I was attracted by the immaculate script written by Andrey Zolotarev, and a great team led by the director. So I quickly decided to become part of the project, ”Vladimir Mashkov admits. - For me, this is a movie that a person is a fluid being. As Leo Tolstoy said, “you scold the evil, and he is good.” This is a film about changes in people, not only external, but also internal, which happen when people find something without which it is impossible in life.

- Cinema is entertaining, but not empty. And we have a lot of everything mixed together: comedy, melodrama, bank robbery ... We enjoy the work ourselves and will surely charge our viewers with positive, - producer Vladimir Maslov is sure.

"Fried Chicken"

Photo: Mars Media

Melodramatic series.

Producer- Elena Nikolaeva.

Starring: Nikita Volkov, Victor Dobronravov, Irina Pegova.

Location filming: St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Where to see: on Channel One in 2019.

About what?

Spring 1921. The Cheka (emergency commission to combat counterrevolution and sabotage, was abolished in 1922, 4 years after its establishment) is unable to cope with robberies and robberies in the streets of St. Petersburg.The criminal world of the city, headed by Uncle Kolya, offers its services to entrepreneurs: he protects their shops, and they pay him. However, not everyone agrees with this, and then the authority sends them combat troops. The most famous and dangerous of them - under the leadership of the dude and smoothie Beni Creek.

To the answer!

“It was difficult to find Petersburg of that era, so we erected large scenery on location for filming,” director Elena Nikolaeva tells Antenna. - Even modern asphalt was cleaned, the cobbles of that time were cobbled. Expensive underground gambling houses appear in the frame, these interiors also have to be built from scratch. All the costumes for the main characters were sewed, for some we even made custom-made underwear and shoes according to sketches from the beginning of the 20th century. Irina Pegova plays the wife of the “king in law”, she is our queen of the underground world and sings brilliantly. But the hardest thing was our main character Nikita Volkov, who plays Ben Creek. After all, the character we have in combination is also a poet. And it took several months for the actor to learn to write with a pen quickly.

"Voroniny. Cruise "Family"

Photo: CTC channel

Comedy series.

Producer- Alexander Zhigalkin.

Starring: Ekaterina Volkova, Georgiy Dronov, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Boris Klyuev.

Location filming: Yaroslavl, Kostroma.

Where to see: on ITS from August 27th.

About what?

Cheerful little family tired of sitting in Moscow, and they go on a river cruise on the Golden Ring. Sailing on the huge ship "Vasily Surikov" and get into various scrape. In one of the series, the male half of the family will even have to reincarnate as three heroes - in chain mail, with beards and mustaches.

To the answer!

- In one Yaroslavl, you can remove the entire Golden Ring, at least, the sights and streets, and the sea voyage was filmed with the views that were behind, - says director Alexander Zhigalkin. - The only difficulty in this journey was navigation, whose plans did not coincide with ours. The thing is that the waterway to Yaroslavl is accompanied by a large number of locks, the ships wait for a long time when the level of the river is equal. And how much the ship would stand, no one knew. We were lucky with the sunny weather, so the artists managed not only to work, but also to sunbathe on the deck.

Plus in the new season there is something that previously in the "Voronin" was not,- scenes with the participation of stuntmen, chases and flights on a quadrocopter.

“Shuttles. Continuation

Photo: Channel "Russia 1"

Melodramatic series.

Directors- Sergey Krasnov, Julia Krasnov.

Starring:Maria Poroshina, Svetlana Ivanova, Irina Rozanova, Elena Panova, Zoryana Marchenko.

Place to stayto: Moscow.

Premiere: on the TV channel "Russia 1" in the new television season.

About what?

The five heroines — the wives of the officers, the ballerina, and the nurse — will continue to survive in the difficult shuttle business. And then in the yard in 1998, the default.

Intelligent teacher Olga (Maria Poroshina) becomes the new director of the market. His former mistress Zoya (Irina Rozanova) cannot recover after the death of her only son, Veni, who died in the colony. She seeks comfort in the faith and prepares for the tonsure. Nurse Alice (Zoryana Marchenko) opens her medical office on the market, and the restless Svetlana (Elena Panova) is ready to return to the market only on her own terms. The woman does not want to mess with the "rags", but wants to play big - to overtake cars.

To the answer!

“The first season did not just enter the top five television projects of the season, the heroines found sympathy in the audience,” screenwriter Zoya Kudrya tells Antenna. - After the show, they called me the wives of officers from a military camp in the Kaluga region.They told how during the broadcast they gathered at a local cafe and watched a movie about themselves. I hope that the new storylines will again allow the actors to demonstrate their best qualities. Alas, is not without tragedy. I will not reveal all the intrigue, but unfortunately we will lose one of the heroes. However, the final is still optimistic.


Photo: CTC channel

Comedy series.

Producer- Anton Fedotov.

Starring: Sergey Lavygin, Mikhail Tarabukin.

Location filming: Moscow.

Where to see: on the STS channel in the autumn of 2018.

About what?

The heroes of the series “Kitchen” Seni (Sergey Lavygin) and Fedi (Mikhail Tarabukin) got a separate serial life. Friends decide to start a business, buy a street food truck (van with food) and fight for hungry pedestrians. The henpecked and exemplary family man Senya learns bachelor life and even takes flirting lessons from Fedi. A friend, on the contrary, will start the search for the perfect girl, contrary to the tastes of her strict mother.

To the answer!

- I wanted a film in the spirit of "Dumb and Dumber" of new circumstances, - says the director of "Kitchen" Anton Fedotov. - Senya and Fedya will trade cocktails on the beach,cater for parties and children's parties. Heroes will finally break out of the walls of restaurants and be able to come off in full.

- For friends I call the project “Fedya. The beginning ", because now everyone will know about my hero, to and fro," Mikhail Tarabukin shares with Antenna. - Finally, it will become clear why he is like this, and the first time my hero’s mother will appear in the frame (Irina Serova will play it). In general, the project is about friendship and partnership of two people.

"Moms in sports"

Photo: Vasily Bobylev / “Film Pro”

Sports drama.

Producer- Sergey Arlanov.

Starring: Ekaterina Vilkova, Irina Rozanova.

Location filming: Ruza (Moscow region).

Where to see: on the CTC in the spring of 2019.

About what?

Vera (Ekaterina Vilkova) is a successful swimming coach, among her charges is her own son, Kirill. But the higher the success of the guy in the sport, the more often Vera has to deal with the cunning of her own mother (Irina Rozanova played her), who trained her in childhood and betrayed her daughter to win the competition. Also in the way of Faith gets the former bridegroom, who now leads the country's national swimming team.

To the answer!

“We understood that sooner or later we would have to say goodbye to the project“ Molodezhka ”, but we could not leave the sports series empty,” says STS channel producer Anton Fedotov.- So the idea was born to show the fight for medals not through the eyes of athletes, but their mothers.

- I was attracted by the strong character of my heroine. She is a coach, and, in my opinion, such people have the willpower, they can find a common language with children, love them, but they don’t caress their heads. And sometimes they are tough, but where can they go without it? And then, there are no bad and good people in life. Each has both, we have tried to show it in our history, - says Irina Rozanova.

By the way, Ekaterina Vilkova almost did not know how to swim before the project. For the role, she specially signed up for the pool and took lessons from her husband, actor Ilya Lyubimov, who feels confident in the water.

"Good wife"

Photo: NTV channel

Drama series

Producer- Stanislav Libin.

Starring: Alexander Domogarov, Alexandra Ursulyak, Dmitry Miller, Marina Zudina.

Location filming: Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

Where to see: on NTV in 2019.

About what?

The Russian adaptation of the American TV series of the same name with Alexander Domogarov and Alexandra Ursulyak in the lead roles. The hero of Domogarov is the prosecutor of the Leningrad Region, Pyotr Filippov, who is behind bars because of major scandals.Ursulak plays his wife, Alice, whose carefree life ends in an instant, and she has to get a job as a lawyer to support herself and the children.

To the answer!

“I did not look at the original version from the principle,” Domogarov admits. - I believe that we are shooting our story - the one that is close to our mentality and reality. My hero is going through a difficult period. He is both strong and weak, and rushing into battle, and helpless at the same time. If he were boring, I would not agree to play him.

“Zuleikha opens his eyes”

Photo: film company "Russian"

Dramatic series.

Producer- Yegor Anashkin.

Starring: Chulpan Khamatova, Yulia Peresild, Ramil Sabitov, Rosa Khairullina.

Location filming: Perm Region, Kazan, Laishevo (Tatarstan).

Where to see: on the channel "Russia".

About what?

The screen version of a successful novel by Guzel Yakhin. In the winter of 1930, a peasant woman Zuleikha was killed by her husband, and she herself, along with hundreds of other settlers, was sent to a wagon by a convict convoy to Siberia. Together, they have to survive in the deaf taiga on the banks of the Angara River without food, shelter and warm clothing. But it is here that Zuleikha gives birth to a son and meets a new love.

To the answer!

“We consulted the author of the novel Guzel Yakhina all the time. Our script writers followed the plot of the book, but some of the lines in the series will continue. And it was Guzel who saw only Chulpan Khamatova for this role, ”Ekaterina Vorontsova, PR director of the Russian film company, shares with the Antenna. - The Tatar village of Yulbash, the birthplace of Zuleikha, is shot in the Perm region, in the Khokhlovka museum of wooden architecture. There, in Perm, we found a train on which the settlers would set off. Well, we built a Siberian village in Tatarstan, in the village of Laishevo. On the banks of the Kama Semruk has already turned. All summer, our artists built a club, barracks, a hospital and other houses of settlers. After completion of the work, Semruk will become a cultural object open to the public. Also shooting will take place in Kazan, in the Kremlin, the university building, on the streets of the city.

"On the Circle"


Producer- Elena Lyapicheva.

Starring:Andrei Merzlikin, Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergey Makhovikov, Irina Bezrukova, Larisa Shakhvorostova, Alexander Makhovikova, Marat Basharov.

Location filming: stanitsa Elanskaya, Rostov Region.

Where to see: in cinemas in 2019.

About what?

This is the story of three generations of the Cossack family. The film tells the audience the story of the priest Nikolai Popov. At the peak of the persecution of the clergy in the Civil War, he did not leave the parishioners: during a typhus epidemic, he moved from the farm to the farm, admonishing the dying, he fell seriously ill. He was killed by the Bolsheviks at the station Morozovskaya, later counted among the number of martyrs. Andrei Merzlikin plays it.

To the answer!

“Amazing people live in the Rostov region, they warmly welcome us and are very happy that we will tell the real story on the big screen,” says director Elena Lyapicheva. - Our actors have consultants: they help to correctly use local language in speech. And on the Don, by the way, he is not alone - there are a lot of nuances. Quite a number of significant cases occurred when we understood that we were doing a good job. For example, not podgadyvaya, we shot the Easter scenes right on this great holiday. So it coincided! And once it took us an episode from another season, but the trees were all green. Waking up in the morning, we saw a flown over garden.




Producer- Fedor Bondarchuk.

Starring: Irina Starshenbaum.

Location filming: Moscow.

Where to see: in theaters from December 26, 2019.

About what?

In the first part of the film, the landing in the metropolitan area Chertanovo of an alien ship changed the life of Julia (Irina Starshenbaum). Her boyfriend (Alexander Petrov) turns out to be narcissistic and cruel, but the alien Hakon (Rinal Mukhametov), ​​with whom she has known only a couple of days, sacrifices her life for her. The second part begins three years after the events described. The catastrophe has already turned our understanding of the universe, but humanity still does not know that it is about to face a new encounter with the unknown. Work on the continuation takes place in an atmosphere of complete secrecy. The creators prefer not to disclose even the filming locations, but they say that viewers are waiting for even more special effects and amazing computer graphics.

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