A gift for men - a bouquet of socks

Socks - for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but remains the same option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or simply lack imagination, women will certainly remember this necessary and practical thing. But you can turn even the most ordinary object into an original gift. For example, if you make a bouquet from socks, you can save money and at the same time amuse the recipient. The fabric is soft and easy to fold, and the oblong curved sock shape is very convenient to fold a rosette out of it.
Gift for men a bouquet of socks
This option is probably suitable as a gift for February 23 for a husband. Yes, and you can always give a guy a bouquet of socks for February 14th. Young people have a good sense of humor. Materials:
  • socks - 4 pairs;
  • silk scarf - 1 pc. ;
  • paper wrapping -green;
  • ribbon for decoration - green;
  • wooden skewers - 9 pieces;
  • threads - cotton black;
  • scissors;
  • scotch.
Gift for men a bouquet of socks

Work instructions

Free all socks from their packages. We check that there are no iron brackets left. Now you need to make a rose from a sock. Spread sock on a flat surface. Next to the gum we apply the end of a wooden skewer. Hide it under the corner of the fabric.
Gift for men a bouquet of socks
We begin to twist the sock into a tube around a wooden skewer. We form neat folds, make the blank look like a pink bud.
A gift for men is a bouquet of socks
In the lower part, we fix a fabric flower with threads.
Gift for men a bouquet of socks
From each sock we make a rose on a skewer. Each pair of socks produces two flowers.
A gift for men is a bouquet of socks
We hide the threads under a thin green ribbon for decoration.We curl its ends with a scissors blade.
Gift for men a bouquet of socks
To make an odd number of flowers in the bouquet, we will make another rose from a silk handkerchief. We fold it diagonally twice. We roll the tube around a wooden skewer. Fix at the bottom of the thread. Straighten the corners. Decorate with decorative tape.

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