A gift to dad, a gift to mom

I propose to make pretty gifts from yarn residues. We will not knit, no. We will do felting, in other words, felting. Needle needing for felting, but not simple, but with notches. Needle for felting is able to compact fluffy fiber and give it a density of real felt. Let's practice on father's slippers. Mushroom-mushroom - the most uncomplicated and elegant appliqué. Take a little artificial wool, fluff it up and form a mushroom stem on a slipper. To prevent the felting needle from falling into the void, we put a sponge under the cloth of the sneaker. There is no need for a special skill here: Know yourself to poke a needle into a fluffy cloud until it is compacted.
Take some artificial wool
 Take some artificial wool
 Take a littleartificial wool
We make a hat of the mushroom out of any fluffy wool, pulling out a silky thread-basis from it. Only fibrous fluff will remain. On the same sponge for dishes, which we carefully removed from the slipper, we will form a triangle with rounded edges. We poke the needle until the seal, but leave the workpiece a little fluffy: finally we lay it on the slipper itself. Next we put small pieces of white cotton wool on the hat of our mushroom!
 We will make the mushroom cap
 We will make the mushroom cap
 We will make the mushroom cap
 We will make the mushroom cap
On the second Slippers try to keep all proportions, therefore constantly Niva finished work on the finished sneaker with one that is still in progress.
 try to keep all the proportions
Well, that's it! Congratulations,you did it!
 you did it
Now, for such masters like us, it is worthless to make a brooch as a gift to your mother. Let it be a sleeping dog. On the sponge for the dishes, we pour out from the sintepon cotton wool silhouette, which we immediately attach to the shape of the pretzel, back up. Denote the roundness of the hind legs. Poking with a needle, compacting it!
 make a brooch as a gift for mum
make a brooch as a gift for mom
From the suitable wool, we again put red spots on the sponge, as in the picture, and roll them to the fox-terrier body. He is not too much like a dog yet, but with triangle-shaped ears you can already find out the general outlines of sleeping Fox, right?
 dump red spots
 dumping red spots
Back to the sponge again, we’ll make dark dark wool details on it: nose, eyelids and spots on the back.

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