The picture of a pair of cats in love and nails

Of course, the technique of "string art" captures so much that it is simply impossible to stop at several works. I want to create more and more new miniature masterpieces. Recently, on the Internet, I came across an interesting picture of a couple of lovers' seals and I decided on its basis to make a picture of threads and nails. I love these animals very much and try to capture them in various techniques so that I have as many works as possible with the presence of these charming baleen pets. If you are also not indifferent to these animals, then I suggest making you a beautiful picture. To create it, I prepared: - a wooden board (30 cm by 17 cm); - decorative carnations (two packs of 150 pieces); - hammer, awl, pliers; - nylon threads of black, white and red; - ruler and simple pencil; - image of cats on a sheet of paper.
Step 1. For my work, I took the usual chopping wooden board. I was attracted by its shape and the finished hole, for which it will be possible to attach the picture to the wall. First, on the board with a ruler and a pencil, I traced the borders of the picture. The work will turn out to be 25x16 cm in size. For this, I retreated 0.5 cm from three edges, and 5 cm from above (from the highest point). I traced a frame around the perimeter of the board and at a distance of 1 cm I placed notches (dots) on the lines. Then I transferred the image of the cats to a wooden surface. It is very easy to do by cutting out the drawing in parts (it is easier to circle each separate part with a pencil). And also on all lines I placed notches at a distance of about 1 cm. Tip! It is necessary at the intersection of the drawings to think very carefully about the location of the points; the beauty of the final result will depend on it.
 A picture of threads and nails
Step 2. Then I had to drive a nail at each point. To facilitate my work, I took an awl and made shallow holes in all the notches.Then I inserted carnations into them, held them with pliers and drove them in. It is very convenient to work with pliers, they not only saved my fingers from injury, but also allowed me to drive all the nails to the same depth. Tip! Try to make them all clogged smoothly and parallel to each other. Step 3. At this stage I created the background of the painting with the help of a white nylon thread. To do this, carefully and slowly twisted the thread through the caps of the studs. First I clung to each carnation, then through one and further through a few. Tip! The coils can be done in a certain order, but I intertwined chaotically and turned out beautiful too. Using a black nylon thread, I laid out silhouette images of seals. Here we must very carefully ensure that the thread was hooked on the cap of each stud. The more you try on this stretch of work, the more beautiful the picture will turn out. And a red thread was needed to create hearts.
 A picture of threads and nails
Thus, it turned out beautiful, delicate and original picture .
 A picture of threads and nails
And now the wall of my room is decorated with threework in the string art technique: a couple of lovers' seals, a tree and a man with a lady of the heart.
 Picture from threads and nails

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