A thin tip for a soldering iron

If you decide to repair broken headphones, a bluetooth headset or any other device that has a thin and small chip, you will need a soldering iron with a thin sting. But sometimes it happens that it is this very sting that, due to some circumstances, will not be at hand. You can, of course, go to the nearest specialty store and buy the right one, but not the fact that the required tool will be available there. Or you can contrive and do everything with an ordinary, standard sting. But why risk and suffer when a thin sting can be made in just five minutes, without leaving your home, from the materials that are in the barn or storage room of almost any person. Prepare the required materials and start making. It will be required:
  • Copper wire, you need the thickness of the sting.
  • Aluminum foil.
  • Pliers.
  • Files.
  • Cutters.
  • Scissors. >
  • A tubule from a room antenna, or any other,from any metal, suitable caliber under the hole of the soldering iron.
A thin sting for a soldering iron

We make a thin sting for soldering

Everything is indecently simple, but reliable and efficient. Separate, with the help of wire cutters, the required length of copper wire. We cut a long strip of aluminum foil with scissors, a width less than the length of wire chosen by you is exactly as much as the sting should stick out of the soldering iron. The tip of the wire, which will be directly by the blade itself, will attach the shape of the tip you need to the file.
A thin tip for a soldering iron
Wrap the foil on the wire to the thickness of the inner diameter of your pipe.
A thin sting for a soldering iron
The foil should be wound as tightly as possible, the speed of heating the sting depends on it - the tighter the fit of the layers to each other, the faster it will heat up. Using a file or file, cut a piece of pipe, equal in width to the width of the foil wound on the wire.
A thin stinger for a soldering iron
And now we insert a wire wrapped in foil,into a tube.
A thin sting for a soldering iron
The tighter this construction is, the better. To secure the stability of the war inside the tube with foil, using a knife or scissors blade, bend the edges of the tube inward, as if clogging it inside.
A thin tip for a soldering iron
If you could not find a suitable tube, simply wind the foil to the thickness of the standard tip and wrap it with a thin copper wire. Well, we insert a new sting into the soldering iron!
A thin sting for a soldering iron
The effectiveness of such a sting is not at all lower than that of a sting purchased in a store. Before connecting the device to the mains, dunk the sharpened tip of the tip into the soldering acid, so that the solder can be attached to it later.
A thin tip for a soldering iron
A thin tip for a soldering iron
Now you can use. But do not forget that this is only a temporary way out of this situation. You can use this design two or three times. Not more.Then, when the foil inside the tube burns out, the appliance will heat up much longer than usual, and the sting-wire will start to fall out of the tube, so if possible, get a real sting in the store.

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