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Since childhood, I suffer from the fear of speech and stuttering. How to cure logophobia?


Good day!

As a self-help, try using the paradoxical intention method. The essence of the method is in an attempt to consciously and with a bit of humor to perform an undesirable action and intensify undesirable symptoms that are not controlled in a situation of logophobia.

The first is a conscious search for situations that cause stuttering. Instead of avoiding situations or places in which you have a stutter, get in and face them intentionally and try to consciously force yourself to react as you would expect in advance if the situation “develops badly”. Are you afraid of stuttering people? Try to do it consciously. Look for people!

Second, consciously increase stuttering and other symptoms that accompany stuttering. Are you afraid that your hands will shake during walking speeches or meetings, will you walk with a sway or will your sweating increase? Repeat undesirable manifestations deliberately, meeting people try to sweat three times harder, try to make their legs walk like they never walked.

Third, with a sense of humor, tell yourself: “Now I will show everyone on the street how I stutter” in order to calmly end the conversation, and not avoid it.

If you find it difficult to use this method on your own, then I recommend contacting a psychologist internally or via Skype for advice.

With respect to you and your situation,

Dubrovskaya O.V.


I agree, a psychologist will help you here!

Yes, there is only a specialist.

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