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Very often, mother cooks so much that it remains, especially when it comes to such dishes as cereals and pasta for a side dish.

It is not good when food is not eaten. Food should be in favor of a person and with respect from a person.

Here, for example, rice garnish ... All cutlets are eaten, plates are washed and silence is in the refrigerator ... Only he remains RIS - is the main food for most of the population of the Earth. Rice is rich in carbohydrates. Very useful for intestinal disorders in the unexpected direction ....

Rice does not contain gluten, but contains starch, which will allow baking pancakes without adding eggs, which is very good for people who keep fast and do not eat food of animal origin.

Here is a great recipe for a rational and respectful attitude to food products that a person receives by blood and sweat.


  1. Porridge was boiled in water and washed.(Rice porridge cooked with milk should not be washed. If porridge is cooked with milk, then it will not work for lean pancakes, but still for tasty pancakes ...)
  2. Egg (for one glass of cereal 1 egg)- Do not use for Lenten pancakes.
  3. Water or Milk, baby milk writing "Baby" or similar -For Lenten pancakes and for rice already cooked in milk, do not use.
  4. Soda slaked or baking powder.
  5. Sugar, salt and seasoning to taste. (You can make it bland and use it instead of bread)
  6. Vegetable oil for baking
  7. Butter - can be used for baking, and as a seasoning for the finished dish - Do not use for Lenten pancakes.


Twist porridge in a blender. If necessary, add egg, water or milk.

Add sugar and \ or salt and other seasonings.

Bake in vegetable oil or butter, spreading the spoon on a preheated and greased pan

You can season with a piece of butter while eating.

You can use bread instead of bread to soup. Very tasty with zucchini or eggplant caviar and other canned vegetables, lecho and canned fried hot chili peppers.

All peace and good and enjoy your meal.

George S.

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