Advantages of artificial stone countertops

Countertops made of artificial stone are very popular in the market of modern and high-quality kitchen furniture. It is to them that high demands are made that must meet the standards of hygiene, reliability and environmental safety. According to its characteristics and advantages, it is an artificial stone that is used as a facing material for a kitchen set that surpasses all existing types of such products.
The main features and advantages of table tops are:• Thanks to the non-porous structure of the comp The top of the countertop does not absorb pollution that can cause the spread of pathogens.Therefore, such a stone countertop will be sufficiently hygienic and safe.
• The stone surface is quite simple in daily care. To clean it, you can use traditional detergents, as well as compositions of abrasive components. If there are minor scratches or deeper damage, they can be easily eliminated by sanding paper with fine grit. Even with strong mechanical deformations, the homogeneous composition of the composite allows, without any particular difficulties, to restore the product to its original appearance.
• The stage of painting the tabletop is performed during the production of building material. A crumb of natural stone and glue mix is ​​mixed, then a special coloring component is gradually added to the mixture, which will determine the color scheme of the future kitchen object. The coating is painted over the entire depth, so it will not fade and deteriorate under the influence of sunlight.
• Countertops fromartificialstones are not damaged by the influence of high temperatures.

• If in use spots like burns have appeared, they can easily be removed with special abrasives for cleaning, or with sandpaper.

Table tops made of artificial stone

Table top made of artificial stone of complex shape Coffee table top Worktop with aluminum profile finish Two-color worktop with a complex profile Bar Counter Top Table top with removable cutting board

In addition to the listed performance characteristics stone countertops have broad design and decorative features.
In the process of arranging the working area of ​​the kitchen, it is necessary to take seriously the choice of the sink. It should be comfortable, durable and beautiful.Among a wide variety of modern kitchen plumbing made of stone experts prefer high-quality washers made of injection molding.
The modern molding composite wash has the following advantages:
1. Long service life. If you follow all the rules of operation of the car wash, then it can last for more than ten years.
2. Hygiene and compliance with health standards. The structure of the composite material does not allow for the appearance of musty and unpleasant odors on the working coating, the spread of harmful bacteria. Composite is not a source of radiation, unlike natural stone.
3. Strength. The mechanical strength of the cast stone is several times greater than the strength of concrete. This means that such a surface will not be damaged from falling even the heaviest kitchenware.
4. Recovery.The damaged surface of the sink made of artificial stone can be restored by yourself. To do this, just wipe the defects with sandpaper and polish to the perfect structure. If you need to glue damaged parts or fragments, experts recommend using special acrylic glue. Such an adhesive mixture allows you to make the coating perfectly smooth and without a single seam.
Kitchen countertops and sinks made of artificial stone will be a worthy choice for a modern housewife!

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