Advantages of foam concrete houses

Moreover, until recently it was believed that houses made of natural wood look very aesthetically pleasing, but are not as capital and reliable as brick buildings. And, indeed, private houses made of natural wood of certain breeds have a large list of drawbacks, despite their obvious advantages. At the same time, brick houses also have certain disadvantages, one of which is the high cost of material and construction work.

Relatively recently, construction organizations began to offer homes of more modern and improved material, called the foam block, which instantly gained unprecedented popularity. Every day, the popularity of foam blocks is growing, and all because of the fact that it significantly reduces the time and financial costs of construction work. In addition, the foam block has a number of other positive aspects, one of which is high thermal insulation properties.

What is a foam block and what advantages does it have?

Foam blocks are called building materials, which are manufactured in the factory with the use of foam concrete. This raw material, in turn, is one of the types of conventional cellular concrete, and it is produced only from environmentally friendly materials, such as cement with a foaming agent, fine sand and water.

Foam blocks are a unique building material with excellent heat and sound insulation properties, and in addition, it has a high resistance to freezing and variable defrosting processes, as well as the lowest shrinkage and water absorption coefficients and increased fire resistance.

Foam concrete is also good because it does not release into the atmosphere at all those elements that could bring the body even the slightest harm.

Another important and useful quality of foam concrete is also in the fact that this type of building material is manifested by inertness in relation to the very different environments that are usually called chemically aggressive.

Foam blocks are extremely convenient to use, as they have geometrically clear and large size, as well as low weight.All these qualities above simplify to a great extent the process of construction work.

An important positive point lies in the fact that the external surface of the foam blocks is completely smooth, which also greatly simplifies the process of construction work. Thanks to the same smooth surface of foam blocks, you can completely abandon the interior walls.

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