Advantages of sockets and switches Jung (Jung)

Advantages make them popular in many countries around the world. Among the main of them, buyers note:

  • 1. The variety of materials - for the production of frames and mechanisms used such raw materials as glass, heat-resistant plastic and metal. All of them are resistant to scratches and other mechanical effects, are not affected by UV rays, aggressive environment and fire.
  • 2. High quality of products allows to consider sockets and switches reliable, practical and comfortable to use. All these qualities are confirmed by international and Russian certificates of conformity.
  • 3. A large range of products, separated for ease of choice into series, allows you to choose a device suitable not only for style, but also technical indicators that meet the system and functional requirements of the room and appliances located in it.
  • 4. The use of patented technologies of the company indicates a high level of work of the technical department, which regularly upgrades the results achieved earlier.
  • 5.Some products (individual models of outlets) are coated with an antibacterial composition, which is relevant for hospitals, clinics and other places of large crowds.
  • 6. Easy installation is ensured by high quality clamping terminals. After all, they allow you to quickly connect the product to the cable of the required cross-sectional area without the help of a professional.
  • 7. Long service life - all mechanisms and other elements can be used smoothly for more than 35 years, while the product will not lose its original shape and technical characteristics.
  • 8. The price segment of sockets and switches refers to the average, which determines the range of consumers. This is due to the materials used and high manufacturability of products.

In addition, sockets and Jung switches include the safety of their use, which is a priority in the operation of these products. Its level in this equipment is very high. It is checked first after the creation of the device by repeated testing of varying complexity. If the device has successfully passed them, then it is allowed for sale.Thus, it is precisely the advantages of Jung sockets and switches that are decisive in choosing this equipment among several brands.

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