Advertising and informational stands - types and features of manufacturing

Information stands are elements used by commercial structures and organizations to provide information to citizens about local events, as a convenient and functional design logo, advertising a product or service to its customers. A simple and reliable way to place any kind of advertising for exhibitions and presentations.

Today, almost any company that provides any services, uses advertising signs signs, floor plan and evacuation options for cases of fire (fire safety stand). A commercial structure that is interested to convey information to its potential buyers, advertising about services and products, use a lot of information boards around the city and advertising signs on the roads.

The cost of advertising structures is relatively small, and the manufacturing process at the enterprise is simple. As required, you can quickly transform and change the information located on the stand (if the stand is intended for indoor use).

Advertising stands designed for outdoor use are made of more durable and weatherproof materials. Registration can be made in any corporate or corporate style of the company, at the request of the customer. Thus, the stand will contribute to the development of popularity and the overall promotion of the organization in the consumer market.

For the provision of information in offices, shopping and entertainment centers, public buildings, educational institutions, use information boards, made in the business style.

Among competing firms engaged in the manufacture of plates mode of operation, mobile advertising and information stands, the leading position is occupied by, offering the development of design and manufacturing of any designs of decent quality, fulfills urgent orders for the design of information boards and stands of any size and complexity.

The life of information stands made for indoor use is usually not limited. For outdoor stands (road signs) exposed to the environment (rain, snow, wind, direct sunlight), service life is limited (2 years).

Types of advertising stands

Information stands that carry textual and graphical components are of two types:

  • outdoor
  • wall

Information stands, placed in various government agencies, serve as a standard information board. Advertising stands, made in widescreen color, at the level of psychology affect buyers.

Mandatory booths provide information that the institution must convey to citizens and are divided by filling into:

  • replaceable;
  • static;
  • combo.

Advertising constructions stands with replaceable content are needed if you have to change information daily, add new product samples, information and advertising booklets.

Mobile advertising stands on rotating supports require careful handling and transportation.

Information on such stands is placed on pull-out sheets (pockets) or in transparent double-sided sections. Sections, in the form of pockets, are installed on the structure with the help of rotating screws (top-bottom) so that the information is accessible by turning over.

Stands containing a static content are needed for permanent text, drawing schemes or images. Information is on a self-adhesive film on the backing of the shield. Usually, these are stands (billboards) with large amounts of information (layout of a network of outlets with indications of addresses and telephones, maps of the area coverage of mobile operators).

Production of information stands.

The quality and relevance of information boards depends on the manner of performance, the right material, as well as the professionalism of the manufacturer. Depending on the tasks, for the production of such structures are selected materials and components (plastic, metal, composite).

Production of the stand begins with the development of the design, then the base is selected (PVC sheet plastic is used as the base), color or black and white self-adhesive film is cut with a plotter. The image is applied to the substrate and dried.To stiffen the stand, it is framed (additionally reinforced) with aluminum or metal corners.

Stands designed for children's, educational institutions, are experiencing a large dynamic load, their structure must have durability and comply with safety regulations. Such stands should be made of environmentally friendly materials, most often the basis is taken from a steel welded frame that ensures the reliability and durability of the structure.

To make advertising and informational stands look decent, you can make them in an irregular form, combine different compositions and materials, use additional lighting.

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