Aircraft do it yourself from scrap materials

Let's make a charming airplane from a clothespin! It is not only an exciting, but also a rewarding tradition to meet with your child making handicrafts and important calendar dates.

It will help to unlock the creative potential of the child, learn to see his source of inspiration and the basis for creating new images in familiar objects . And if the crafts are thematic in nature, they allow you to better understand the essence of the upcoming holiday.

 Self-made aircraft from scrap materials

Self-made balloon from scrap materials

To the Victory Day, you can make one of the samples of military equipment with a baby - for example, an airplane. The child will probably be interested to make a plane with his own hands from scrap materials, which may well replace ready-made kits for creativity.So, an excellent craftsmanship for Victory Day for children is made from old wooden clothespins and ice cream sticks.

What you need:

  • wooden clothespin;
  • two sticks of ice cream;
  • paint and a brush;
  • glue.

You can replace the plastic plastic clothespins, and ice cream sticks with counting sticks . Then the colors will not be needed.

Let's get creative.

Paint the clothespin in a bright color. This is a fairly delicate work, requiring the child to focus. In order not to stain the work surface, we fill it with unnecessary paper or film, then we can squeeze the paint onto the table.

 We color the clothespin

We color the clothespin

 We paint in blue

We paint in blue

We paint the clothespin

We paint the pr Sleeping clothes

While the clothespin is drying, paint the sticks. It is better to use different colors that blend well with each other. To dry the sticks, without smearing the paint, put them on another clothespin or a piece of paper rolled up.

After the paint dries well,glue the details of the aircraft. Clothespin becomes his body, and the sticks - his wings. For better fixation, we use polymer glue.

 Glue the colored sticks

Glue the colored sticks


Airplane from pegs

Airplane made of clothespins

 You can play with this airplane

With this Amoletics can be played

Each child can make such an airplane with his own hands, regardless of his age or level of training. And if you attach a strong thread to the airplane, it seems as if it is really floating in the air.

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