All about the correct choice of wall and floor hangers

Needless to say, clothes hangers have always been deservedly popular as a means for careful and practical storage of clothes. Sometimes, improper operation or the initial choice of this accessory, can lead to damage to your favorite outfits. To avoid this, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points.

Benefits of choosing wall hangers

So, wall hangers are products that allow you to conveniently place gloves, outer clothing, as well as scarves and hats. Due to the compactness of the accessory, you can easily use the space of the room.

Some customers do not always correctly understand how to fix such a construction on the wall, so for this it is advisable to call a specialist who will install the accessory in such a way as to avoid future distortions or loosening.

A separate discussion deserves the choice of source material. Hangers made of wood should have high strength to withstand the load placed on them clothes, and hangers made of metal - have the ease so that their attachment to the wall does not turn into a martyr's torture.

In addition to the above, such hangers serve as grounds for research and experimentation of many professional designers, so you can individually order a design of any shape. Combine a variety of materials and decorate the hanger as your soul desires.

Clothes hangers made of metal will help to make the interior of the corridor particularly original and diversify it, thereby adding luxury and color. To save space in a small hallway, you can install several tiers for clothing by adding a shelf for storing small household items.

What to remember when choosing flooring products

The price range offloor hangersmay be the most diverse, but, however, it will be much lower than the cost of any wardrobe.On such accessories you can easily place all your favorite things, - for pants in the design there is a special rod. Some models have special mini-bottles that allow you to place hats and bags, in a word - a multifunctional and original mobile product at a low price.

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