All the details of the technical characteristics of a chainsaw

There is no point in saying that there are things that drastically simplify a person’s work. It's obvious. When we have to work in the garden, we need a cultivator, when we have a motokosa in the field, and when it comes to logging, we need a chainsaw.

In order not to stand in a store with bewildered eyes, not knowing which chainsaw to buy, first read its specifications. Pay attention to its power, tire length, chain type, cutting speed, innovation and fuel consumption.

If you want to buy a chainsaw in Kiev, then take only 20 minutes to go online, and read on a special website all the features of each of the characteristics of a particular model of technology.

Let's start with power. Of course, the more powerful the chainsaw, the easier it will be to cut a tree trunk with a wide diameter.Her cutting speed will be higher and it will work longer. But it should be borne in mind that the powerful technique is heavy, so pay attention to this ratio.

The standard tire length is forty centimeters. But if you plan to widely use the technique, you should buy a chainsaw with a long tire. There is no need to purchase professional equipment for homework. Only overpay. A chainsaw with a standard long tire can handle a small diameter tree.

A very important element in the design of a chainsaw is the chain. So how exactly does she take on all the power. The key concept is the "chain step". It indicates the distance between the three rivets in the chain. Why all this information? And the fact that the pitch of the chain affects the performance and quality of the cut. The chain pitch is larger - the performance is higher and the cut quality is lower. So when you decide to buy a chainsaw in Kiev, ask the sales assistant for more about this moment.

Manufacturers of this tool over the years complement the technique of various innovations. For example, a chainsaw is easier to start, that is, using a pump that has pre-pumped fuel. There are also models that are made with the goal of less harmful emissions.Because now they are increasingly paying attention to our ecological environment.

With regard to fuel consumption, it depends on the engine size and the quality of the gasoline poured into it. Typically, the characteristics indicate quite average and common to all gas mileage.

If you take into account all the points described above, then buy a chainsaw is not difficult.

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