Alta Vinyl Siding Profile

Quality materials for the facade finish perfectly protect and transform the building.Alta Vinyl Siding Profilemade from environmentally friendly raw materials, the products have excellent performance properties. Products are adapted for use in different climatic areas.

Plastic panels are popular for veneering due to their affordable price, ease of installation, and excellent quality. Siding differs successful combination of practicality and aesthetics. Alta Brand Profile has been specializing in the manufacture of ventilated panels from environmentally friendly PVC raw materials for almost 20 years.

Overview of Basic Properties

Alta Vinyl Siding Profile is a product of domestic production. In the manufacturing process, the brand uses non-toxic durable raw materials, own and foreign developments, pays serious attention to design. This product has the necessary certificates and passports,confirming production in accordance with all norms and standards. The product catalog also includes fixing materials for simple and quick installation.

Among the main technical qualities are:

  • Hygiene (constructions do not rot and do not release toxins into the atmosphere when heated)
  • Wear resistance and strength (stable to all kinds of effects - heat, shock, high humidity, etc.)
  • Insulation properties (hydro, thermal, sound insulation)
  • Lightness. There is no additional effect on supporting structures.

Alta Vinyl Siding Profile is durable and resistant to weather factors, which allows you to keep the facade intact for many years, see for details. One of the main advantages of this finishing material is no scratches and other deformations when exposed, for example, to precipitation. The appearance of the materials themselves does not deteriorate with time, so the building looks impressively for many years (service life reaches 50 years).

The color of plastic panels for cladding does not tarnish over the years, does not respond to solar radiation.This is facilitated by a special technology of applying paint and especially resistant pigments in the composition. To clean the Alta Vinyl siding profile is enough in most cases, running water, strong dirt perfectly cleaned with detergents.

Varieties of constructions

Alta Brand Profile produces an extensive range of polymeric finishing materials. Vinyl siding is usually available in various color palettes and textures. The panels have different sizes depending on the belonging to a particular series.

Total brand offers consumers 5 collections of Alta vinyl siding Profile:

  • AltaSiding
  • Block House
  • CanadaPlus
  • Vertical Quad House Panels
  • Alaska

Gamma colors (about 30 shades), as well as textures are very diverse. Surface structures can be glossy or matte. Polymeric structures can not only protect the surface of a structure, but also transform it without great financial expenses. In addition to the color and texture of the panels, you can choose a class - economy, standard, premium.

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