Amazing barn reincarnation in a residential house

Decor, Workshop, Interior

The amazing story of turning an old barn into a cozy country house. The barn was purchased together with a plot of land of16 acresin a lush green meadow in the state of Wyoming. It is surrounded by evergreen trees and a very beautiful view of the surroundings from the windows. The house consists of two floors, one wall of the upper floor is made entirely of glass, which provides a large amount of light in the house.

The barn had to work great, and the architects ofCarney Logan Burketook up this task. They tried to preserve the appearance of the old building as much as possible, but inside the square in220 square metersthey embodied all their ideas. The house has a small kitchen, a gym and a guest room that make up an open space.

Despite the fact that the building has an obsolete look, it has all the amenities for a comfortable life.The architects once again proved that you can make a candy from an old barn.


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