Amazon will remove the series on "The Lord of the Rings" $ 500 million budget

For comparison, this is more than the budget allocated for shooting Oscar-winning pictures of Jackson. And more than twice as much as HBO is posting Game of Thrones for two seasons (about $ 200 million). Impressive. How epic and successful the series will be can not be said, even looking at such a sum. But the fact that the studio has been looking at the ratings of the Game of Thrones for a long time and is planning to shoot something ambitious, it became known last fall. “I think that Game of Thrones for television is like Jaws or Star Wars for the 70s cinema,” commented Roy Price, then head of Amazon. –She will be the inspiration for many TV companies. After all, everyone wants to make a real hit, and without any doubt, today this particular series is a model to follow. ”

Amazon will remove the series on "The Lord of the Rings" budget 0 million

Will the "Lord of the Rings" receive an audience for the "Games of Thrones"? Given that Game Over is waiting for us next year, it’s likely that Amazon will hit the real jackpot.

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