Amplifier on TDA7496SA

On the Internet there were only circuits on these chips, but the assembled amplifier was never found. Operating mode AB, Power supply voltage 10 ... 32 V, Stereo configuration, Operating temperature 0 ... 70 degrees. Such chips can be found in modern TVs and, probably, at least someone managed to get such a thing out. The output is 5 + 5 watt, the load is 8 ohms.
 amplifier circuit
 pin layout of the microcircuit
Printed circuit board for it was and decided to assemble on another board from the radio, where there was a chip, which has 16 legs. And so first we remove all the details from the board, then carefully remove the chip, so that the tracks remain intact. Install the TDA7496SA (it has 15 legs) on the spot where the micro was from the receiver. We have to tinker a bit, because the tracks go in different directions. The body of the chip must be connected to the negative.
assembled scheme
And of course you cannot leave a radiator without,otherwise, it heats up very quickly, or it may fail. As for the transformer, I took from the old power supply and the output is 21.22 volts and not less than 0.6 amps. If the voltage is going to be somehow below 16 volts, you'll have to put 220 μF capacitors on the output otherwise the sound quality will be worse than we thought. Follow the amp, the same is very important. If more than 22 volts, then you can replace 470 microfarads and 1000 microfarads, and then there is no point. Here I have already placed the board in the case of the old doorbell. The transformer did not fit and decided to assemble separately with a diode bridge. For the audio input, I put the headphone jack and I think it can not be replaced with anything else in other devices. It has three outputs inside, one is a common minus, and the other two can be said to be pluses (this is for a stereo system).
location indicators
And for the audio output decided to use the jack from the DVD, you can and from the TV. For power supply, I put the socket and plug from the old 70s electric phone. Such things can be found in old TVs and tape recorders.
Amplifier on TDA7496SA
As for the diode bridge, when I assembled on KD202 showed the worst, the sound was not clear,although these diodes are used in audio equipment. Put D226 no problem. The power supply decided not to show, because it was with the size of a fist. D226 diodes are the same for any self-respecting radio amateur.
Amplifier connected
This is a ready-made amplifier. Condensers should be placed after the diode bridge at least 1000 microfarads. Try to connect at least two such in parallel. The more capacitors, the less noise (background) of alternating voltage will be, and it is very important that there is a high-quality and clear sound.

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