Analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment ..."

It is impossible to imagine a Russian person who would never hear these lines. An analysis of Pushkin's poem “I remember a wonderful moment” was carried out by many well-known Pushkin scholars of literature. We will make our contribution to this process.

History of the poem

The poem was written in memory of a passionate, turbulent, but short romance between the poet and Anna Kern, which happened to them in the summer of 1825. Subsequently, Anna handed the text of the poem to Delvigu, who published it in Northern Flowers. It's amazing how Pushkin managed to show the development and changes of his feelings for a woman in a few years in a small piece!

Anna recalled that she had found a leaf with a poem between the pages of the Onegin small volume. While presenting the book, the author, according to her, suddenly became embarrassed and tried to pick up the text. Some literary scholars saw in this rush confirmation of the poet’s passionate feelings, others suggestedthat Pushkin devoted the poem not to a specific woman, but to a certain collective image, since he truly loved only the muse.

The third group of Pushkin scholars came to the conclusion that, moving away from romanticism at that time, the poet was trying to find new, simpler colors for expressing feelings, he was in search of more realistic ways of his creative expression. It was not easy to carry out similar, rather vague ideas in the field of love lyrics, so Pushkin had to quote Zhugovsky's elegiac lines about the “genius of pure beauty”, being careful not to be understood.

Analysis of the poem

The poetic size of the piece is iambic pentaphony with cross rhyme. In the poem - a clear rhythm and musical composition.

The poem is arranged in three parts:

  • The sweet memory of former love;
  • The sadness of years past without love;
  • Anthem of love, returning in spite of everything from the depths of past years.

Each part is distinguished by strong feelings of the lyrical hero, his tired soul is gaining new strength, takes inspiration, and is preparing for new creative victories. By creative impulse, passion, pressure of feelings “I remember a wonderful moment” does not find any equal in Russian poetry.

Analysis of the poem “I remember a wonderful moment” raises the question: why is Pushkin’s masterpiece so close to the heart of a Russian person? We find the secret in the selection of words: most of them are abstract concepts, which activates the imagination and individual associations of the listener (reader).

This is how the collective image of the ideal woman is formed. The portrait of the beloved is not conveyed by specific details of clothing, figure or facial features, but by abstract concepts. This is life, love, tears, deity, inspiration. Together they form an image, certainly beautiful, but individual for everyone! Although the author is not so much about a particular beloved, but about the mental state of the lyrical hero. Thanks to his love, he admires life and enjoys creativity. This detail allows you to classify the poem to the category of philosophical and psychological lyricism.

Concluding the analysis of the poem “I remember a wonderful moment”, we are convinced that love, which is a source of inspiration and meaning for life for Pushkin, in the case of Anna Kern turns into a powerful source of new life and creative forces, for the rest of Mikhailovsky’s silence.

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