Anti-Bedroom: 8 things that kill love

Try to get rid of these things - and you will see that romance and passion will return to the relationship.

Even if you have not thought about it, however, the situation in the bedroom most directly affects our personal life (or lack thereof). Therefore, we have prepared several points, by completing which, you can again make this room a place of attraction, where you and your chosen one will be pleased to return again and again.

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1. Mirrors

It would seem that many designers have repeatedly repeated that large mirrors (mirrored ceilings and furniture) do not belong in the bedroom. However, many stubbornly continue to place the mirror and admire their reflection like a sneak. At the same time, psychologists, for example, claim that mirror surfaces can negatively affect love and marriage, even destroy them. Only mirrors placed in the bedroom have such an effect; in other spaces they are capable of exerting quite a beneficial effect and even visually enlarge the room.According to Eastern Feng Shui teachings, for example, a mirror placed at the foot of the bed negatively affects the relationship between spouses, opposite the door - it sends all positive energy back.

2. Aquarium

Beautiful fish tanks have the right to exist, but not in the room where the spouses' bed is located. According to Feng Shui, the aquarium is one of the carriers of the energy of the element of water responsible for the material wealth in the house. But not in the bedroom! Otherwise, there may be a negative impact on the health of those people sleeping there. Therefore, if you dreamed of starting a goldfish and admiring it before bedtime, then you will have to either say goodbye to this idea, or arrange your fish in another room.

3. Decorative fountain

Returning to the element of water, it is impossible not to mention the decorative fountains and waterfalls, which at one time became very popular with our people. All these elements of decor, as well as paintings and posters depicting water should not be placed in the bedroom, otherwise it can lead to headaches and insomnia. And then certainly not to romance and love joys!

4. Old documents and newspapers

Tell me, do you really need that stack of magazines or newspapers for 2000? It might have been worth getting rid of them immediately, as soon as you read them, and not hoard them in the corner. Yes, and family archives, which, according to ancient Eastern teachings, are a source of foreign energy (important documents, papers, photos, etc.), is also not a place in the bedroom! They can be attributed to the office or living room. And it is best to go through and leave only what is really important.

5. Portraits of other people and animals

Paintings, posters, postcards depicting wild animals or people who do not live in this apartment, also should not be kept in your house (not to mention the bedroom, where a person restores vitality and tunes in a certain way). All these things can provoke the appearance of negative energy and cause trouble. Besides, as for the image of strangers, why do you need strangers who will look into your bed?

6. Potted flowers

No, living plants in the house themselves are very good, but not in the bedroom. The fact is that green plants have their own energy, which can interfere (albeit unwittingly) in your personal life.Yes, and some flowers, for example, do not like the presence of men and almost "expel" them from your life. Therefore, you should not once again experience the fate and better place your green pet in the kitchen, bathroom, study or living room.

7. Household appliances and gadgets

Psychologists pay attention to the fact that the presence of a TV in the bedroom can kill romance and negate the love relationship. In addition, all electrical devices generate an electromagnetic field, which can lead to headaches, problems with pressure, and even negative changes in blood composition and hormone concentrations. Therefore, remove phones, televisions and other gadgets in another room.

8. Disorder

Chaos can lead to a white-hot, and drive anyone into depression. After all, hardly anyone wants to think about foreplay or passionate sex in a room where garbage and dirty clothes are scattered everywhere. Therefore, in order to improve your intimate life, you must first start a general cleaning and free the house from unnecessary things.

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