Apartment for a bachelor in the style of Loft

Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Interior

Apartment for a bachelor, the project of which was developed by experts from the Belarusian architectural studioNordes. Loft style is shaped by interior solutions and objects that live their own lives without compromising the sense of freedom and comfort of their owner.

Apartment for a bachelor in the style of Loft

That is why the space of the apartment is as open as possible. There are no huge built-in cabinets. Sofa folding, which saves space. The kitchen, if necessary, is completely hidden behind the sliding facades.

We did not want the interior to become the dream of the average social unit of two adults and two children. Rather, this lair is a temporary shelter for someone who is looking for. "

The true masculine character of a dwelling manifests an empty seat in the bathroom for a mirror, which instead of depicting the face of its owner offers a few simple words. ; ">

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