Artem Mikhalkov: Frankly about the father and divorce

Actor, director and president of the Movement film festival talked frankly about feelings and family.
Artyom Mikhalkov spoke about his personal life
Photo: Rajden Gamezardashvili / "Antenna"

Artem, admit, the surname of Mikhalkov helps? There were cases when she had to hide behind?

I have never attached much importance to my last name. And frankly, did not think about it. Any person is painted with actions and what he does in life, and not his last name. Even if in my youth I got into some unpleasant situations, I always solved them myself, did not let my family down. I remember once we had a bad time at the cottage with a company, and my father was still told. And then we had to go to him to shoot one of the films. And we waited for a not very simple conversation, because we knew that in such cases the father acted very hard. And he, on the contrary, treated us as a senior comrade. That's when my father opened for me from the new side - as a friend.

Tell me, what is it like to work with Nikita Sergeevich? Father often praises or scolds?

There were many different situations. To his father, of course, is strict, he asks more of them. But I can say that it’s very nice to always come to the father on the set. There are few directors who have the opportunity to work with artists and create an atmosphere outside the frame, which is very important. The father is able and loves to do it - all the actors get a lot of fun working with him.

And outside of work often able to communicate?

When there is such a need, well, on holidays. Last time the whole family met last weekend at Easter. We are going to the New Year and birthdays. Of course, we call up regularly, I can contact my father with any question. And it is very valuable. I admit, it was not easy to persuade him to come to us at the Motion film festival. More precisely, it is generally impossible to persuade him! My father has his own vision of different situations and his own opinion. But it all came together - Nikita Sergeevich will hold a meeting with the audience and young cinematographers.

President and Director

Yes, you are the president of the film festival in Omsk, which begins its work on April 23. Who else from eminent guests is expected?

The composer Eduard Artemyev will arrive with creative meetings.Will the actor Valery Garkalin. As well as many young famous artists: Danila Kozlovsky, Victoria Tolstoganova, Agniya Kuznetsova, Kirill Pletnev, Anatoly Bely, Daria Ekamasova and many others.

How does it feel to be the president of your own festival? Such an event is probably very troublesome?

For me, this is a big responsibility. We have a very well-coordinated professional team of like-minded people who invented this festival of the national debut film “Movement”. Last year we held the first festival, and it was really successful and bright. This year the festival will be opened by Alexey Teacher’s The Eight, this is a big and significant event for us that such a director with actors will come to support us. And the jury is headed by Vladimir Khotinenko.

You are an actor, a producer, and a director. Now here is the president of the festival. And what is the soul more lies?

To directing, perhaps. Now I am engaged in preparation for the shooting of a directorial debut - the first full-length film for myself. There is a period of selection of actors, and we plan to start with the shooting in the summer. I will not disclose the details so as not to jinx it; I can only say that it will be a comedy.

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