Asia Argento responded to allegations of sexual harassment

According to the actress, she was blackmailed, and her friend, chef Anthony Bourdain (deceased in June 2018), volunteered to pay Bennet to help Asia avoid a scandal. So, 380 thousand dollars, which The New York Times wrote about, he received not for silence, but as material aid. "Anthony provided him with financial support, provided that he no longer interferes in my life," the actress assured and noted that in the past, Jimmy Bennet also tried for money with his own parents.

Publication by asiaargento (@asiaargento)11 Jul 2018 at 2:26 PDT

Recall that last fall, Asia Argento openly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, after which the film producer was arrested. This week, The New York Times released documents that indicate that young actor Jimmy Bennet received $ 380,000 from Asian actress Argento for silence (in 2013 she sexually harassed him in a hotel in California, at that time he was 17 years old) .

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