Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: What kind of church holiday is celebrated on August 28, 2017 and what signs, customs and traditions are associated with it

PB-001The religious holiday of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017 Orthodox Christians will celebrate August 28. This date for the great event secured by his edict the emperor of Mauritius in the late 500 years of our era. The church canon dedicates this celebration to the death of the Virgin Mary and the divine miracle that occurred at this moment. According to the teachings, the Virgin Mary completed her earthly journey in Jerusalem 15 years after the miraculous and magical resurrection of Jesus. All the apostles came to the temple to say goodbye to the modest, holy woman and saw Christ descend from heaven to them, surrounded by angels. The dying woman addressed him with a prayer and put her immortal soul into his hands, thus reuniting with her son in the most gracious of worlds.

Today this holiday symbolizes the triumph of life over death and calls to believe that the end of the earthly path is just a transition of a person to a new level and an opportunity to meet again those who left this world a long time ago.

Many events, customs, rituals and traditions are connected with the joyful event. The free guys on this day woo the girls they like, and the young ladies carry out rituals, trying to attract the suitors to themselves. The laborers of the earth bring to the church bread from the new crop and ask the Mother of God to bless their work and help preserve the harvest. The celebration of the Assumption begins with the church liturgy, and then smoothly turns into folk festivals dedicated to the ancient Slavic celebration - the Walnut Savior.

What a celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017 and what is absolutely impossible to do on this day

Understand that for the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, you can from church texts. They describe in detail the story of the life of the Mother of Jesus and the last moments of her existence on earth. According to ancient tenets, a modest woman was not afraid of the impending death and saw in her not the tragic end of her being, but the opportunity to reunite with her son in the best of worlds.That is why religion positions the holiday as a bright, optimistic event and calls on believers not to be sad on this day, but to rejoice that they will someday leave the sinful world along the Milky Way and, finally, will find peace, peace and God's grace.


The list of things that are strictly forbidden to do on the day of the Assumption is not that long. However, there are a number of items that must be observed.

  • You can not walk on the ground barefoot, otherwise you can collect the disease and life problems. Ancient sources claim that the dew that fell on the ground symbolizes the tears of the Blessed Virgin, who are suffering because of the inability to help people.
  • Do not wear a narrow, uncomfortable shoes. Corns, corns, wounds and cracks that have arisen on the soles of the day, will heal very long and will bring a lot of inconveniences and unpleasant moments.
  • It is forbidden to take sharp, pricking and cutting objects in hands. Even believers are advised to break bread with their hands in order not to accidentally injure themselves or others.

Church holiday August 28, 2017 - fasting day or not, what can and cannot be eaten


The great church festival - the Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - always falls on the same date - on August 28 and is widely celebrated not only in the Orthodox, but throughout the Christian world.A rather strict two-week fast lasts before the solemn moment, during which the faithful pray fervently, do good deeds, help the sick and poor, and restrict themselves in food and entertainment. When the Assumption falls on a Sunday, the church canon permits parishioners not to fast. If the 28th day comes on Wednesday or Friday, meat products on the menu are strictly prohibited. But fish dishes are considered quite acceptable and they are not subject to any taboos.

Church holiday August 28, 2017: folk signs and plots on the harvest, weather, love and beauty


On August 28, a large church holiday falls - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This day has long been celebrated in a special way and associated with it various folk omens. The old men said that by plowing the ground on the eve of the celebration, it was possible to have time to shake one more shock. The rainbow appearing in the sky was called the forerunner of a warm autumn, and a large number of cobwebs were taken as an indication of a frosty and snow-free winter. On this day, the peasants necessarily left several uncompressed spikelets on the field, previously tying them with a thread into a small button.They believed that this uncomplicated rite would provide a bountiful and rich harvest next season.

Spikelets from the new harvest were brought to the festive morning liturgy. It was believed that, seeing this, the Virgin Mary would give her favor to the workers of the land and help them to preserve the harvest from inclement weather and natural disasters.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary-2017 - conspiracies and rites for love and beauty


The Feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos is the last day of the year, allowing you to decide your "heart" affairs and start a family. Single boys were instructed to have time to woo the girls they liked, and unmarried young ladies were told to find a groom for themselves, otherwise the question of creating a family was postponed until next spring.

For the female there was a special ritual that helps to attract the attention of the desired man. He was committed early in the morning on the day of the Assumption. Waking up in my house, not talking to anyone, they gathered in a small container of pure water, washed her face with her and said the following words three times: “The Most Holy Mother of God, how do you crown everyone, how do you unite families, and help me, find the groom soon. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".After these simple actions matchmakers in the house should be expected in the very near future.

For the sake of preserving youth and feminine beauty on the night of the full moon on the eve of the Assumption, they took a bath, then sat at the table in their room, set a mirror in front of them, and placed church candles on each side. Looking at their reflection in the mirror, they combed and said: "As on the island of Buyan, in the middle of the sea-ocean, there is a tower, in that tower there is a dungeon, in that prison there is a virgin, beauty of an unprecedented beauty of unwritten beauty. Three dreadful beasts, three dogs, are guarding that dungeon. Do not give those dogs the girl from the dungeon to go out, the beauty of her all to amaze. The first dog will calm down, I will temper his temper; Let the virgin beauty come out of the dungeon, into the light of the world it will appear, through the night-midnight, through the sea-ocean, through the fire-dope, through the mirror, let her beauty be consecrated to me, the slave of God (her name) will descend, give me youth and beauty that I was good and sweet to everyone, that everyone marveled at my beautiful beauty, so that I would be welcome for everyone! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen! ” After the ritual, the candles were extinguished and hid before the holiday.The comb was put under the pillow for the night, and they didn’t look at the conspired mirror for three days. At the Dormition, candles were again lit and left to burn until the end, thus consolidating the divine power of the conspiracy.

The energy and internal forces spent on harvesting were returned by women to a very simple but effective rite. Wearing clean clothes and wrapping dry sickles around the sickles, they rolled on the ground and asked the stubble to help them recover as quickly as possible. The last sheaf, collected from the field, was dressed in a colorful sarafan and bright kokoshnik, and then walked around with the whole village, praising in their ritual songs their patron saint - the Blessed Virgin.

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