Attract happiness and success: the interior according to the signs of the zodiac

Woman's Day has compiled an interior style guide for 12 zodiac signs.

If you have a perfect renovation, and you do not feel the joy and vigor in the morning, most likely in the design of the home you made a mistake. For example, they used a style that did not suit your zodiac sign. Or maybe the color accents in the interior were incorrectly placed. But even if you are ready to be in your house all day long, read our article. Perhaps it will help you to love your apartment even more, and at the same time improve all spheres of life: family, career, finances and creativity.


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Representatives of Aries most often - people are active, energetic and active. The interior of their home should inspire new achievements, actions and dreams. Best suited for this saturated warm shades: yellow, orange, brown, ocher. Also in the rooms must be bright details. For example, a red plaid or avant-garde style.And since Aries leads the elements of fire, there should be as many candlesticks, floor lamps and lamps as possible in the dwelling. In this case, the style of the interior can be any, but it is desirable to give preference to the classics, able to restrain the rugged temperament of the owner of the room.

The principle characteristics of the zodiac sign Pisces


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Taurus - one of the most faithful and stable signs of the zodiac. They love to spend time in a circle of close people and feel the best in nature. For their temperament is best suitedorganic interiorin which natural elements dominate, or country-style interior. In any case, the room should be furniture made of wood and cotton textiles. Color combinations should be soft and non-irritating. The most favorable shades are considered beige, brown, olive and emerald.


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Gemini is sociable, sociable and easy going. At any age they are interested in everything new and unusual, so the best solution for representatives of this sign will beinterior in hi-tech style.They will appreciate the built-in wardrobes, managed with the help of gadgets, trendy pieces of furniture from modern designers. The main thing is that the house has a lot of light and free space.The color scheme can be maintained in pastel colors with a predominance of bright elements in blue, green and yellow shades.


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Horoscope characteristics of the sign of the zodiac Cancer says that the representatives of this sign are the most homely and family among all the other signs of the zodiac. For them, the house is a fortress. And it is desirable that it was not only cozy, but also filled with all sorts of family relics, handed down from generation to generation. The style of the home can be mixed. For example, classic usingmarine elementsor palace rococo with the addition of country. It is important that thick curtains hang in the rooms and dim lighting prevails. In the color scheme must be present white, blue and gray.

a lion

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Representatives of the royal constellation Lviv are kind and generous, are often interested in history and love luxury in all its manifestations. With such a layout, the best place for them is the interior in the Art Deco style, which is characterized by “streamlined” furniture made of precious metals, textiles made of expensive natural fabrics, rare paintings and sculptures.The color scheme should be sunny with a predominance of gold, yellow, orange and terracotta shades (how to formalize a room in similar colors,read HERE).


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Virgos are neat, modest and practical. The best thing for them is a small house away from the hustle and bustle, near the forest. In the interior must be present live flowers and plants. As for style, it can be classic orminimalisticwith the use of cute decor items: beautiful vases, napkins, framed family photos, paintings. Colors should be muted and restrained. Suitable blue, green, purple, beige, light brown.

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