Baby cereal application

Wonderful flowers from peas and lentils. The handicraft of hand-made cereals is especially interesting for children because it is based on unusual, unconventional material for creativity, which children are accustomed to see in a completely different quality - as a dish on their plate.

This non-standard approach to work develops in kids the ability to look at familiar things from a different angle, drawing in each tool a source for creative inspiration.

Application from cereals for children

Grain applique for children

Grain appliqué for children is also good in that it can vary in degree of difficulty. So, children with well developed motor skills and skills to act according to the instructions, you can offer to perform a picture of several colors, small grains (for example, semolina), with many small elements on the area. And at the initial stage it is better to perform simple work, in which the main part is occupied by ready-made templates.

For example, you can make a fairly simple one,but beautiful application - flowers. It is quite available in the manufacture of such a handicraft of cereals with their own hands for children just starting to work with small bulk materials.

What you need:

  • a sheet of colored cardboard for the main background;
  • colored paper of green and any other color;
  • cardboard patterns of the main elements of the flower (head, stalk and petals);
  • PVA glue in a bottle with a fine tip;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • any sufficiently large grits (brown and green buckwheat, peas, barley), poured into shallow containers with enough shee with your neck.

Getting started.

 Groats and paper for crafts

Groats and paper for crafts

If the child, due to his age or lack of development of skills, is still unable to trace the patterns and cut out the product along the contour, we prepare in advance the details of the colors: the head, the small stalk and the leaves. If the child is already able to work a little with paper, we suggest that he circle the templates of different parts of the flower and carefully cut them. Older children may well draw and cut out the component parts of the flowers themselves.You can make one large flower (for younger children it will be easier to sprinkle it) or several fewer colors - this depends on how developed the motor skills of children are.

 Paper Flowers

Flowers from paper

We glue fragments of flowers to a cardboard base, composing a beautiful composition from them.

 Making an application of colors

Do application of flowers

And we proceed to the main part of our work: we gently cover the head of the flower with glue, applying it with strips over the entire surface. We take a pinch of cereal and sype it over the glue strips. Sprinkle so all the flowers in the picture.

 Sprinkle flowers with croup

Sprinkle flowers with croup

Give the glue time to dry, after then gently shake off excess cereals from the leaf.

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