Baked Apple Homemade Marshmallow

For me, there has always been a category of sweets that, in my opinion, cannot be prepared at home in my kitchen. Desserts like the “Bird's Milk” soufflé, nougat or marshmallow seemed so incomprehensible and difficult to prepare that I didn’t even try to study their recipes, let alone repeat them myself. But, as popular wisdom says - all ingenious is simple! And to prepare a delicacy with a taste from childhood can any interested housewife, subject to the presence of a mixer, well, or at least a powerful hand blender. The main thing in this case is to beat the mass well. Another important point is a kitchen thermometer to measure the temperature of the syrup with agar. These are the main tenets of homemade marshmallow making, otherwise the difficulties will not arise. Ingredients: Prices: -250 gr. applesauce (4-8 apples). -250 gr. sugar or powdered sugar for mashed potatoes. -1 chicken protein. -4 tsp. agar. -160 gr. water. -470 gr. sugar for syrup. Presence of food coloring and pastry bag with nozzles is welcomed.
So let's get started. Apples cut in half and remove the middle and the stem. Speaking of apples, choose the litter with the most pectin, such apples are dense and sour. I chose the Semerenko variety. After that, bake in the oven until soft. At a temperature of 200 degrees it takes about 30 minutes, it may take a little more or less time, depending on the size of the apples.
 Cut the apples in half
Bye apples are preparing, prepare the agar. Let's put the right amount of water.
 prepare agar
And pour 4 teaspoons without a hill of agar powder. Leave it wet.
Leave it wet
Apples are jammed. At me they look like this.
Apples baked
With a spoon, scrape the baked pulp from the skins.
 Baked Pulp Pelt
In order to get a smooth and high-quality mashed potatoes, it is better to use a blender.If this is not possible, then you can wipe the pulp through a sieve.
 wipe the flesh
Weigh the sugar.
 Weigh the sugar
And mix with mashed potatoes, if it is cold, you can warm it up a little before adding sugar. Let the mashed potatoes cool down.
 mix with mashed potatoes
When the mashed potatoes have cooled and the sugar has completely dissolved in it, we begin to boil the syrup on the agar. Over medium heat dissolve the soaked agar powder. While stirring, you need to wait for large bubbles. As soon as the moment has come, pour sugar for syrup and mix.
mashed potatoes chilled
At this time, start beating applesauce with half the protein. Syrup we bring the temperature to 110 degrees and remove from the fire.
 The syrup is brought to the temperature
As soon as the puree begins to brighten, add toruyu protein half and continue beating at high speed.In order to well beat the mass will take time. It should make a dense consistency, well-kept form.
 mashed potatoes will lighten
On the wall of the bowl, a thin trickle, we begin to pour in the syrup. It is a little cold, but still hot. Continue to beat the mass.
 start pouring in the syrup
At this stage, you can add any food color if you want to tint your marshmallow. Although it is not necessary at all.
 food dye
It is important to beat the mass again well before it begins to cool. Before you start jigging, you need to make sure that the mixture is thick enough to hold the shape.
 beat the mass
Place the" dough "for the future marshmallow in a pastry bag and roll out any random marshmallows form.

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