Baskets of yoghurt cream and blackberries

You will need
  • For the test:
  • - 250 g of flour;
  • - 125 g butter;
  • - 100 g of sugar;
  • - 1 egg;
  • - a pinch of salt.
  • For filling:
  • - 400 g of blackberry;
  • - 300 ml of drinking yoghurt;
  • - 250 ml of cream;
  • - 15 g of gelatin;
  • - icing sugar, mint.
First you need to cook the baskets themselves, the cream is also prepared faster. Sift flour into the bowl, add sugar, salt, butter and chicken egg. Knead the dough out of these ingredients.
Form a ball from the finished dough, wrap it with cling film, put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. After that, roll out the dough, cut out circles from it, the size of which depends on the size of the molds. Place these circles in molds, chop with a fork, bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes (the exact time depends again on the size of your molds and the characteristics of your oven).
Dissolve gelatin (take instant) in a small amount of hot water, mix it with drinking yoghurt.When the gelatinous mass begins to thicken, whip it, pouring cream in small portions.
Fill the finished baskets with the resulting yogurt cream, top with fresh blackberry berries, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar, and garnish with mint leaves.
Baskets of yoghurt cream and blackberries are ready, serve them with tea or coffee.

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