Bathroom Repair: Important Points

Having started repairs in the apartment, many questions arise regarding the design of the room, the purchase of quality materials, furniture, plumbing equipment and other accessories that will complement the interior as much as possible.

When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, it must be remembered that all stages are important. The bathroom is not only a functional room, but also a place where you can relax and get a charge of new energy. Therefore, the design of the room, bathroom furniture, as well as options for placing sanitary equipment, should be carefully thought out so that the room becomes comfortable, stylish and practical. Initially, it is necessary to determine the style of the future bathroom. Modern designers recommend performing reconstruction in the directions of high-tech, eclectic, modern, in a restrained classic style or minimalism style. It is possible to develop your own experimental version of the interior and design, which would be most convenient for the residents of the apartment. During overhaul, pipes, sanitary equipment, ceramic tiles and other important parts are replaced. Particular attention should be paid to the choice and location of the bathtub, toilet bowl, washbasin. Based on the financial possibilities, size and style of the room, you can buy a corner or ordinary bathtub, a jacuzzi, a shower of any color, made of cast iron, acrylic or steel . The variety in the plumbing market allows you to choose a toilet bowl of any design, shape, color range, satisfying the desires and taste preferences of each. A modern, more convenient and functional design is a monoblock toilet. Its advantage is ergonomics, due to the unification of the bowl and drain barrel in one system. The flowing ideal shape does not allow dirt and dust to accumulate in inaccessible places, making it easier to care for the toilet. Compactness, durability, strength, simplicity and ease of installation, economy in water consumption are the main advantages of the monobloc toilet bowl, which is one of the latest modern developments in the sanitary industry. Having picked up the necessary equipment, finishing materials,redecoration is carried out in a certain stylistic direction: electrical wiring is carried out, pipes are laid, wall decoration, floor screed, linoleum, tile, sinter, natural or artificial stone is made, the ceiling is constructed of gypsum cardboard or other materials. After all the work is completed, plumbing equipment is installed, the necessary furniture and other important details are installed. Starting repairs in the bathroom, you should think through every step in detail - from choosing the right design solution to buying the necessary quality materials, equipment and tools. This will not only get a harmoniously and beautifully equipped bathroom, but also bring a lot of pleasure, joy and positive emotions from the repair process.

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