Battle of dresses: Ionova and Ragozin

Dresses on "lightning" - not only stylish, but also a very convenient option for dress. Especially if you need to quickly undress.

Two Russian celebrities are taking part in the battle - singer Natasha Ionova and star of women's boxing Natalia Ragozina. Both girls wear Herve Leger dresses. To whom it goes more?

August 13, 2009

I'm for Glucose

I think Natasha Ionova looks better) her hair certainly leaves much to be desired, but her shoes and accessories are perfectly matched))

Ionova, as a singing diva from the movie "The Fifth Element"))))

but, all the same, her dress is coming more ....

the dress itself is interesting, I prefer the purple version, but on me, and not on Ragozin)))))))))))))))))))



I also want such a dress! cool it!

Ragozina looks more organic in this dress than Natasha ... Too thin for him, and the neckline is not for her breast ...

Ion is definitely better !!!!

None of Natasha has guessed anything. In Glucose, of course, the hairstyle spoils the overall look, and the photo angle is not very good, but Ragozina is very, very inadequate in assessing her figure.Under such a dress, at least some bends must be made.

I am for Ionov.

I am for Ionov, on Ragosina somehow not feminine looks ...

Natasha Ionova is better! The dress fits well, the color suits her very well) and Rogozina overestimates her figure, looks awful ... she would have something more authentic and covering her shoulders !!!

By the way, the shoes of both are not very successful.

both creepy

Ragozin is just super!

In principle, both dresses are normal. Rozanova's shoes are not glued to this dress. The skin is tanned and pleasant, and the glucose is like snow-white grebe!

OH GOD!!! All minus))) ... Glucose sneakers are cool))) ...

haha =)))) what Rozanov?!?!

Glucose's image is simply amazing, but my vote is for Ragozin.

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