Bead Medallion

You will need:

  • oval turquoise-brown
  • 10 X 15 mm beads -
  • 1 piece, 8 X 12 mm - 70 pieces,
  • 5 X 8 mm - from 10 to 15 pieces;
  • beads turquoise No. 10 - about 2 g;
  • bronze beads number 10 - about 2 g,
  • No. 5-6 - about 5 g.

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The medallion is performed on a highly waxed thread. Tie a knot at the end of a long double thread. Pass the needle through the bead, and then between the two threads - under the bundle (Fig. A). Pass the thread from the outside along the other side of the bead and once again pass through it (fig. B).

Type two turquoise beads on the needle, pick up the thread passing around the bead, and pull the needle up through the second bead (Figure B). Then sew one by one bead, choosing the smallest for the first row.

The 2nd row (fig. D) consists of alternating turquoise and bronze beads.

In the 3rd row, one bead of medium size and two bronze beads are sewn over the second row of the second row (Figure D).

After collecting the last bead and two beads, proceed to the next row. In the medallion, each fragment of the 4th row consists of a bead, a small bead, and another bronze bead. The number of beads in this series you have to determine the selection. In order to correct possible overruns and irregularities, make the 5th row of turquoise beads, selecting them in number and size, as well as a cook in the previous row.

For the chain, take a waxed thread 2 m long with needles at both ends. In the middle of the thread, type about 60 cm of medium-sized beads, alternating them with large bronze beads. Attach each of the ends of the thread to the medallion and walk again through the whole chain of beads.

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