Bead Trees

Today I want to propose making a blooming apple tree with my own hands from beads. The tree is very beautiful and can serve as an original gift. When you know the basics of weaving trees, in this way you can perform any of the trees: birch, New Year's fir or ashberry. For work we will need: - beads of light green and dark green flowers for leaves; - white beads are larger for flowers (small beads can be taken); - wire for twigs about 0.2-0.3 mm thick; - aluminum or steel wire for the formation of branches and trunk; - threads for the winding of twigs (green or dark color); - gypsum or alabaster and bowl for its filling. - paints. we measure 40 cm of fine wire and cut off 18 pieces of such blanks. We begin to make twigs with leaves. To do this, you need to dial 3 pieces of green beads, retreat from the beginning of the wire 10 cm and make the first loop. Twist the wire a few turns. It turned out 1 leaf.
first loop
Retreat from the first leaf-loop 1.5-2 cm and make the second loop.Also dial 3 pcs. beads and twist the wire by 2-3 turns. So continue until the end of procrastination. About 5-7 leaflets will be obtained. It depends on how long the wire was measured and on the distance between the loops.
 between the loops
Now you need to find the middle leaf and fold the wire from him in half. If you get an even number of loops, you can fold a non-symmetric branch, then the bottom leaf will be without a pair. We twist the leaves among themselves. Such branches need 18 pieces. These are small branches.
 Twist the leaves together
Now make a big twig. For this we need a longer wire of about 50 cm, and the principle of operation remains the same, only the loops need to be made not 7 pcs., But 9 pcs. on 3 pieces beads in each. Large branches need to make 21 pieces.
 We twist the leaves together
What is an apple tree without flowers? In order to make a branch with flowers, we need small white beads or large beads. We measure out 20 cm of fine wire.Just like when making leaves, we retreat about 10 cm from the edge of the wire and fix 3 beads. We perform the usual twig, only a small of 5 loops.
 make a big sprig
Far not retreat, just to make a few turns of wire fasten the second loop. So do 5-7 loops like little flowers. After that we twist a few turns of wire under the whole inflorescence to fix the twigs. We make about 18-20 pieces of such twigs. If you want more colors - you can do more, but then there can be a lot of white color on the tree. We begin to form the very apple tree. For this we need a thicker wire, best of all aluminum, it is softer and more pliable in work. But the steel wire also will approach, then the tree will be more rigid. Cut off about 20 cm of thick wire and make a branch. We will have 9 such branches. For this, we use a thin wire or thread to tie the inflorescence to a thick wire tightly. After 2 cm from this sprig we apply a small sprig of leaves and continue primatyvat.So we continue until we have run out of leaves. On one branch approximately 2-3 small branches with leaves, 2-3 large branches with leaves and 2-3 inflorescences will turn out. You can make a full twig from the inflorescence. The quantity depends on how many blanks you have made, should be about the same amount in all the branches.
 Doing the usual twig
We connect them to each other by 3 twigs. Thus, we will have 3 main branches of which the tree itself will consist.
Now we connect all the branches together and form the trunk. It is advisable to add another 2-3 pieces of thick wire of the desired length, for density or a harder steel rod. To fix the branches tightly so that they do not go up and down the trunk. Do not forget to leave at least one of the ends of the rod or wire for stable fixation of the tree, it is better if there are 2-3 ends, then the tree will be more stable
Remains a tree "plant". To do this, take the bowl, and lay out the bottom and sides of the foil. It is necessary to make it easier to pull out the finished tree when the plaster hardens.
Dilute the cast. Put a tree in the bowl, straighten all the ends of the wire and fill with plaster. You can also coat them with the lower part of the trunk.
 Trees from beads
When the gypsum dries, remove the finished tree from the bowl, paint the stand and the trunk. You can decorate with beads, thread or just varnish. And you can leave it as it is.
 Trees from beads
Success in your work.

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