Bella Swan's House for Sale from Twilight in Oregon

The filming of the first part of “Twilight” ended 10 years ago, and since then, fans of the saga have constantly come to Oregon in the northwestern United States to look at the house where Bella Swan lived with her father. A modest wooden building lit up in all five “twilight” films, and now you can buy it for $ 349.9 thousand: owner Dean Koenig, who bought the house in 2002, put up his home in St. Helens for sale.

“In 2007, one evening, one person came to me and said that he works in a film company and is looking for places to shoot. That the director liked my house and he wanted to take some photos inside, ”says Dean. “They liked the fact that the old windows and doors remained in the house and that it was not rebuilt.” However, some changes in the original interior producers still had to be made: the hallway, for example, was made yellow, the dining room and the living room are blue, and the kitchen is green. After filming, the film company promised to return the original walls to the walls or repaint them in any other color, but Koenig decided to leave everything "as it was under Bella".

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