Big Bright Dream Catcher

Everyone wants to learn how to do something special. In this article we will tell you how to create your own dream catcher - a talisman that catches bad dreams into a spider web, skipping only the good ones. Some prefer to make it from natural materials — in this case, wicker rods, eagle feathers, and coarse wool threads are used. But we, for want of such, will make it easier - in our crafts we will use bright threads of mulina, beads and feathers of the same tones. This talisman perfectly fits into the interior of the room and will be a wonderful gift to a loved one. So, first you need to collect all that is useful when creating a dream catcher. We took a large wooden hoop, floss threads of different colors, colored feathers and many colored beads. which is useful for creating
To begin with, you need to wrap one ring with threads. Make sure that there are no gaps - if you have enough patience, you can wrap the ring in two rows or try to make a simple pattern.
wrapping one ring with threads
 make a simple pattern
After the ring has been wrapped half the time, you can to begin to weave the central web. To do this, take another thread (not necessarily the same color) and begin to attach it with a half-knot every few centimeters. The half-node is made very simply - the thread is wrapped around the tree, after which it is passed into the resulting loop.
 start weaving a gossamer
 is passed to the resulting loop
After the place on the ring is over, you need to continue to fasten the thread, but on the thread that was stretched before. Thus, you need to fill the ring with a cobweb, periodically stringing it on a string of a bead. You can repeat the procedure with threads of a different color.
 stringing beads
It remains to attach threads withfeathers.
 attach thread with feathers
You can thread beads on threads, you can weave them into a pigtail - in general, here we leave room for your fantasy.
thread to the ring
Attach the thread to the ring and hang the finished dream catcher on the wall.
 fill the ring with gossamer
Big Bright Dreamcatcher

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