Bisoprolol: instructions for use, indications, price



"Bisoprolol" includes fumarate at a dosage of 2.5, 5 and 10 mg.


Antianginal drug is almost completely absorbed by the blood. Excreted through the liver and kidneys after 12 hours.

Indications for appointment

Bisoprolol is prescribed to patients with chronic disease such as hypertension. It is clear that this disease cannot be completely defeated, but keeping blood pressure under control is possible and necessary.

Cardiologists prescribe a drug with stable angina, which occurs when excessive loads are high for the heart. Fumarate is effective in chronic heart failure, as it supports the work of this organ.


Despite the fact that fumarate is prescribed for pathologies of the heart, it is not taken during acute heart failure and at a stage when inotropic support is necessary.

Fumarate administration should be discontinued in patients diagnosed with cardiogenic shock and sinus node dysfunction. The drug is contraindicated with a decrease in heart rate and low pressure.

Since Bisoprolol can depress respiration, patients with bronchial asthma should take it with extreme caution and only after consulting a doctor. The same rule applies to people with other lung diseases. Do not use the drug in pediatrics and try to do without it during pregnancy.

Mode of application

"Bisoprolol" is taken regardless of the meal 1 time per day. The dosage is chosen by the doctor, but should not exceed 10 mg.

Side effects

On the part of the nervous system, patients taking fumarate can observe dizziness, weakness, migraine, and paresthesia of the lower extremities.

On the part of the cardiac system, the following unpleasant phenomena are noticed: postural hypotension, the appearance of symptoms of heart failure, a decrease in heart rhythms.

After taking pills, some people complained of conjunctivitis, problems in the gastrointestinal tract.


Fumarate is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with diuretics, sympatholytics and clonidine, since such a technique may affect blood pressure downward.

In order to avoid the emergence and aggravation of bradycardia while taking fumarate, cardiac glycosides, guanfacine and methyldopa should be abandoned.

"Bisoprolol" is not friendly with antidepressants-inhibitors, since the interaction of substances blood pressure drops very much. Taking the drug is possible only after a 14-day break. Fumarate can change the effectiveness of insulin, on the basis of this it follows that diabetics should monitor sugar levels.

During treatment with the drug should completely eliminate alcohol.

Price and analogues

"Bisoprolol", produced in a dosage of 5 mg, a volume of 30 tablets will cost 30 rubles. Approximately for the same price you can buy the drug with a higher dosage.

The drug has the following analogs: "Biol", "Bisoprolol-teva", "Metoprolol", "Biprol" and others.

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