Blue, azure, marine: how to wear the main color of summer

One of the main colors of summer has many variations. From them blows freshness, salty wind and freedom. How to wear them, we understand with the chief stylist, the lead program "Restart" on TNT Lina Dembikova.

Azure, Cornflower and Aquamarine are the most fashionable shades of turquoise. They are friends with the entire pastel range, especially impressive with lemon and pale lavender. Juicy option for the bold - turquoise with orange. In order to create a harmonious duet, the colors must be clean and equal in intensity. Pastel turquoise suits blondes, but brunettes should prefer rich and deep shades. For example, the color of sea wave. But there is a nuance: it is incompatible with a tired look. Green and blue will make the shadows under the eyes even more noticeable.

Of the things that are worth paying attention to - a pantsuit, he is now at the peak of popularity and has no plans to lose ground.Do not forget the accessories - turquoise shoes or sandals will look great with blue shorts, jeans or culottes.

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