What to give a congenial person for a name day or an Orthodox holiday? You can buy a good book and add a gift with a beautiful bookmark that you can do with love by yourself.
 bookmark for the book
How to choose the color of the bookmark? К Easter, buy a red jacquard ribbon or burgundy. A white bookmark will be appropriate for Christmas or Baptism, green for Spirits a day or a Trinity, and blue for a Mother of God holiday. What if the store does not have a jacquard ribbon of the desired color? Do not worry, it can be replaced with a satin ribbon 3–3.5 cm wide. To make the bookmark look elegant, look for a ribbon with lurex around the edges of a golden or silver color. How to choose beads for decorating a bookmark? Czech-made beads. The selection of beads is carried out according to the main color of the jacquard ribbon and the contrasting tone of the pattern (usually it is the color undergold) or lurex color on satin ribbon (silver or gold). To make such a bookmark with a cross and fringe of beads you will need: • Jacquard ribbon 3.5 cm wide, 70 cm long.• Monofilament. • Bead "cutting" for a dagger of gold color - 8 pieces. • Bordeaux beads and for gold. • Needle for embroidery with beads. • • Scissors. • • Matches.
Embroidery fringe Sing the edges of the bookmark with matches so that the tape does not crumble.
Insert a thread into a needle. Secure the working thread on the tape with the edge.
Insert the needle closer to the edge, sew a bead of golden color.
Remove the needle to the inside, sew a bead, withdraw the needle in front of one bead on the front side.
Thread needles u through a sewn bead and grab a bead with a needle.
Remove the needle to the inside,grab a bead with a needle.
Put the needle on the front side of the ribbon between the sewn beads.

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